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From London to Korea Pt 12

First time I've had a chapter all ready to go way before I'm meant to post! Let's get started!


The trip back felt like hours, but felt like seconds at the same time. I was still on Cloud 9 from being signed, and just couldn’t seem to get off! The pilot announces that we’ll be landing soon, and need to put our trays up. I thrust my window open to watch the town as we flew over Big Ben and the London Eye. It felt so fantastic to see those familiar sights after being in Korea for a few days. How will I feel when I’m there for months, even years on end without seeing home? I guess I’ll find out in due time.
Luckily, we’re back in London and I don’t need a translator to find my luggage. Once I’m pulling my suitcase behind me, my head enters a mode of constant swivel, not wanting to miss my mom.
“Carrie!” I turn a little to my left and find her standing there, with Julia, a coworker who is extended family to us. I look closer, noticing a small box in mom’s hand. Please don’t tell me that’s an expensive gift. If those bank statements are increasing, she needs all the money to take care of herself. Please, just hold on a little longer mom.
“Mommy!” Yes, I know. Childish, but I don’t care.
“There’s my talented baby girl! How was South Korea?”
“It was fantastic! A rep from TS was helpful in so many ways. He helped me navigate my way through the airport and get to the hotel, because I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself. You know reading Korean is a struggle for me still. I think he had something to do with B.A.P being there during my audition. Jung Nam, the rep, had asked me a bunch of questions in the car after first arriving and was extremely involved in my auditions and practicing. But let’s hop in the car and get home.”
“That sounds perfect! Anything you want to do today?”
“Just sleep in my own bed and be at home. Hi Julia!”
“Hi sweetie! Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend. Did you get any of your
homework done?”
“Uhhhhh, about that.” I nervously chuckle. I hadn’t done any homework besides math, and even that was a struggle.
“Well,” Julia started, “Your mom and I could help you with that. This is a very special circumstance, and I think your teachers would understand if we helped you out a little bit. But we won’t do any of the assignments for you.”
“That’s perfectly ok. I don’t have any big projects, just read a few chapters, answer some questions, and complete a lab write-up for anatomy.”
“That shouldn’t be too hard. Should we stop for an ice cream to celebrate?”
“Yes! Let’s do it!”
We went to my favorite ice cream parlor, and I got the best ice cream ever! Double chocolate mint with boba pearls on top. Can’t get any better. It did feel weird for me, because Julia stepped up to pay. I’m pretty sure she knows about the financial issues, but I can’t let mom know that I know. So I have to accept it.
“Thank you so much Julia!”
“It’s my pleasure sweetie. Let’s get you home so you can see your kitty and work on that homework! Gotta have it finished so you don’t have to ask for any more extensions.”
Getting home felt like heaven. We turned on the TV, watching Food Network because food. Sprint, my kitty, came up to me and cuddled on my lap, almost killing my circulation. Yeah, he’s a fat cat. Thankfully, I got all my homework done. I began to fall asleep early, but I'm still on the time schedule from Korea.
“Carrie, are you ok?”
“Yeah mum, just going through some jet-lag.”
“Ok sweetie, want to go to bed? I can drive you in early to talk to all your teachers about the change in situations. You need to do this so they can understand.”
“But I don’t want them to go easier on me. That’s what’ll happen if I tell them I’m an Idol-in-training.”
“Carrie, if they treat you differently, just have them call me.”
“Fine. But if this turns out badly, and all my classmates find out-”
“You can point them to me sweetie. I think I should know my own daughter well enough to know she doesn’t want anyone causing a big deal.”
“Ok, thank you mom.” Begrudgingly I agree to tell my teachers. They better not be any easier to me.
Listening to mom on this one, I head to bed and try to reset my internal clock to my time.
Hope y'all liked it! Love you guys! ~Elayne
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