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As if this matter cannot be separated from him, while interviewing Park Yoochun, Han Jimin’s name cannot be left out. Even though the playful couple has a sad love story in ‘Rooftop Prince’, the perfect harmony between them led to the viewers’ reaction ‘It will be really great if they also date each other in real life’. “I can already get the right feelings after practicing the lines with Han Jimin once or twice!” Accepted the role in ‘Rooftop Prince’ right after finishing jTBC drama ‘Padam Padam… The sound of his and her heartbeats’, Han Jimin was not in her best conditions due to the cumulative fatigue. Park Yoochun looked back at that time “At the test shooting, I met Jimin noona for the first time so it was very awkward. We also didn’t have a chance to talk with each other a lot. Fortunately, at the first shooting, because there were the ‘ 3 courtiers’ as well so it was not awkward anymore”. “Jimin noona and I had lots of scenes together. Because we must be in tune in those scenes, I was worried a lot. However, Jimin noona’s personality makes other people around her feel at ease easily. Soon, I felt comfortable around her too. Because we feel really comfortable with each other, our acting becomes in tune well. We only need to say our lines once or twice in order to get the feelings. Acting became easier.” After reading Han Jimin’s interview article, Park Yoochun felt embarassed and said “Noona has praised me too much”. Then, Park Yoochun revealed “Jimin noona was the one who pointed out for me the difficult points in the script or the lines, solved those problems and told me about her own opinion too. As a sunbae in acting, she has guided my footsteps to make acting easier to me.” “In the morning when we received the new script and before shooting the first scene, Jimin noona would call me and arrange a meeting where we could have a talk with the director. There would be a lot of things I want to consult but noona gradually helped me get through all of them. One after another, she has helped me a lot and I am very thankful for that.” “Between me and Han Jimin? Even I think that we look good together.” As we spoke about Han Jimin’s title ‘The actress that looks good with most male actors’, Park Yoochun also acknowledged it “She is an actress whose appearance would go well with others”. Moreover, he also knew about the public’s response ‘Park Yoochun and Han Jimin look good together’. Park Yoochun confessed “When looking at captures from the broadcast or at the photos that we took together, I also think that we really look good together”. “In real life, noona is playful but she is also graceful. She has the image of a puppy. She is the one that you would want to protect. If she made my heart flutter, I wouldn’t be able to act that naturally with her. However, because we are so close, holding hands even become natural between us. While filming, I went to a shop that I haven’t visited for a long time and the owner told me that it seemed like there was something between me and Han Jimin. Even before I get to answer, the stylist who was present at that time has said ‘There can’t be anything between these two’. In real life, I don’t have that feeling for her too.” Furthermore, we asked the 27-year-old young man Park Yoochun about dating and love. He gave us a surprising answer “If I have girlfriend, I am going to date her publicly. Even our CEO has revealed his relationship, hasn’t he” ( the CEO of C-JeS entertainment, Baek Chang joo is in a relationship with the actress Song Jihyo). Park Yoochun said “I have thought about this before. If there is someone who I can take to visit my father’s grave, I will naturally open our relationship to the public.” “Never once have I introduced my girlfriend to my parents. While my father was ill, I have thought that ‘I should meet someone quickly and introduce her to my father’. However, meeting anyone would not be easy. After my father passed away, that thought became more serious. This is like the story of every celebrity. The desire to date publicly? (laugh) I will open my relationship to the public before it is spreaded as a scandal. However, it won’t be a problem that is solved easily. I will need to be careful about this.” Source: OhMyStar Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3