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OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!Episode 9 of Master Sun! (SPOILER ALERT!)
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Well if you haven't watch it yet, then....WATCH IT! Hahaha, okay I don't want to be a (SPOILER)! SO SPOILER ALERT! Can you believe what happen! I love this episode, but hated it at the same time! I mean come on how can he do that to her! Ughhh so frustrating! I REALLY can't wait for the next episode! By the way the song at the end went perfect for that scene! Love it, the youtube video is actually the song that they play check it out! Okay Recap of episode 9: 1) I thought it was cute how he got angry when he found out that the reason why she was making the pie was to help out "Kandy" as he calls him, hehe... 2) I also thought it was cute how he left the necklace with the ghost to give to her (kinda of weird too, hahaha) 3) CAN YOU BELIEVE HE DID THAT! I know I'm suppose to be cheering with joy that he FINALLY kiss her, but I'm angry on the fact that she doesn't know!!!!!!!!! 4) And then lastly the ending that completely threw me off was when she found that he was getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE AIBFGIUBJDSFJLBFGKJHNRFHGOK;NDFHSGJIAJ! Are you serious!!!!!!!! WHY??!!??!! Well of course he said he doesn't want to change but still!!!!! WELL overall I love/hate this episode hahaha, I was just mix emotions...what were some of your thoughts when you watch it? AND not to mention that the trailer for the next episode left me in a withdraw feeling, My Gosh will the next episode be WW3! >.< Leave your comments below on your thoughts as well....Peace! :)
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@nylamrehs yeah me to laughing a lot but also like that he saved her Ohhh I like romantic comedy
@christy... SJS as joong won has a hard, rough and doesn't care about anyone and anything personality but deep down he is just another man.. who's romantic and can feel jealous, anxious and excited about a girl.. i guess the sun shined on the hard rock and because she's persistent and consistent with her presence.. she won...the sun beat the master... lol...