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1. Develop genes that prevent aging. Kim Hee Sun has been South Korea’s biggest actress since 1993. She looks like she just turned 21. 2. Having beauty pageants that feature MEN... Yummy! 25 Hottest Photos of Guys 3. But not as yummy as combining pizzas & burgers into MEGABURGERs. This could only come from the land of Godzilla MegaBurger Pizza 4. Creating "innovative" video games rather than rehashing the same game with endless sequels. I'm looking at you Call of Duty 6 and Madden 25. I have no idea what's happening in this horse racing game. But damn, do I respect it. 5. Taking cute pets on vacation... This is Maru. I'm going to dognap him. Don't tell his owner! 6. Pop Stars Who Can Throw Pitches. That was pop star Tae Mi. This is pop star Lee Jung Hyun Contrast that with this pitch by Carley Rae Jepsen..SMH 7. Pranks with Dinosaurs Imagine walking down a hallway and seeing a vicious dinosaur. Do you think "Gee, how is this possible? I thought Jurassic Park was a movie?" or "RUN!" 8. Superfast public transportation like the Maglev Train which goes 313 MPH. Amtrak's Acela averages 70 MPH... *sigh* 9. Really cool grandparents who support their grandchildren, regardless of sexual orientation. "I am 90-years old. My grandson is gay. He is kind and mature. I hope he will find a boyfriend and live a happy life. And I hope our government supports him.”