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I strive to create images that elegantly articulate the totality of existence, focusing heavily on the broad themes of life and death, with further emphasis placed on ideas of fragility, impermanence and carnality. Death has always possessed a significant presence within the history of art, ranging from altarpieces to the work of the Dutch still life painters. Manifesting melancholic themes with beauty and precision, as these artists did, results in an image that is seductive, forcing the viewer to look, despite its apparent grotesque and morbid nature. Through these images, I aspire to make apparent the restlessness of a life that is knowingly so temporary and vulnerable.—Tara Sillios Tara Sellios is a Boston based artist working in large format photography. Most recently work from her series Seven Evil Thoughts and Retribution was shown at Gallery Kayafas in Boston.
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hmm, idk but for some reason this photo collection makes me giggle.....just bizarre and different...
4 years ago·Reply
I like the one with all of the lobster and the 2 wine glasses!
4 years ago·Reply
@curtisb yeah, exactly....dinner from last night, (*_*)
4 years ago·Reply
@curtisb imagine ur self stand in front a frame in abstract painting. it makes you confused. I guess the more it confusing , the more it is art :D
4 years ago·Reply
and I like the 3rd one though. :)
4 years ago·Reply