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My wonderland. ( Halloween One Shot )

" Are you seriously watching that movie again?!" My mothers voice echoed down the hall as my eyes rolled in annoyance. " What exactly is wrong with Alice in wonderland mother?!" I growled turning the volume up louder to drown out the sound. " Why not do something with your friends on Halloween instead of locking yourself in your room!" She screamed before storming off to the other end of the house. Sighing I turned my attention back towards the small screen place in front of me..
It wasn't until I glanced towards the clock hanging slightly crooked on my wall that I noticed how late it had gotten. " I am going to be late!" I shrieked snatching my fallen laptop from the ground." I hope I haven't missed their performance yet." I silently cursed rushing to open the link for M Count down. Just as the link loaded I saw his smile greeting eager fans as Seventeen took the stage as relief rushed over me. ' I didn't miss it thank god.' I silently thought as I lost myself in their performance as my eyes became heavy out of no where.
" Hey miss you are terribly late you should wake up." I heard a voice snicker stirring me from my slumber as I slowly opened my eyes. Terror took over my entire being as my eyes quickly fell upon the strange man standing in my room with a devious smile. " Who are you?" I choked out barely audible as his grin doubled in size. " I am who I am, but that is not the question my dear. The question is who are you?" He snickers as I noticed the ears upon his head. " I know it is Halloween, but you can't just dress up then break into people's house whenever you please." I huffed growing annoyed as he tilted his head in wonder with the same annoying smile plastered upon his face. " Your house?" He laughed as he started to magically fade away leaving me along in what now looked oddly like a forest. " I see now this is just some weird dream." I smiled no longer worried as I quickly jumped up. " Dream or not Y/n you are late." His voice sang as it danced around along with the trees which oddly seemed to be swaying.
" This is what I get for watching Alice before bed." I sighed as i followed the weird path that seemed to lead no where. " Alice? Lady do you know Alice we haven't seen her in years!" Two very adorable boys smiled jumping out from behind a tree.. " Wait Alice was real?" I heard myself asking the two who looked extremely familiar, but I didn't know why I felt that way. " Was Alice real she asks, did you hear her S. coups?" The one standing within arms length snickered looking towards the one who could pass for his brother. " I did Vernon I did." The other one answered with a devious grin. " You know what I am late I must be going." I sighed clearly getting no where with these two as they acted way to much like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. " Off to save the Cheshire cat are you?" They cooed bouncing about with grins and giggles. " Save the Cheshire cat has something happened?" I wondered a loud looking between them. " If you don't know we won't tell you." They giggled running off out of sight leaving me dumbfounded.
" What is going on here?" I sighed continuing to follow the path trying to wrap my head around everything. " What did they mean I need to save the Cheshire Cat? Didn't he wake me up?" I pondered aloud as laughter echoed around as a figured appeared out of thin air. " Silly girl the only one you should worry about saving from the King of hearts is yourself." The cat smiled slyly making his way towards me. " Wonwoo?" I mumbled clearly shocking the one standing before me.