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So! Lets start this! Goong! I personally liked this drama! Although it was not at the top of my list of favorites. I loved both Chae- kyeong and Lee shin! They were so cutee! But one thing that I would have liked more of would be if they had more romantic scenes, and that them finding out that they both love each other would be earlier in the drama. ( that’s one this I don’t like, you can’t blame me, a girls like their romance ha-ha) Lee shin was cuteeee! I think Ju ji-hoon did a fab job in portraying him! And Yoon Eun-hye is just the cutest! I only watched this drama because of her! An annoying character for me was Yul! I mean at start I felt really sorry for him.Because lets face it his life was pretty sad. Father died at a young age, killed out of being the crown prince, had to go with his mother to somewhere far away because of palace rules. Sad really. But it really pissed me of when he continued to be around Chae kyeong even WHEN HE KNEW she didn’t like him! I was so pissed! And when he keeped on saying the worse things to chae kyeong about how she wasn’t shin’s type and that she wasn’t hyorin so that shin would not care about her. Scenes between chae-kyeong and lee shin was cute! overall everything was good! Can’t wait to watch more of Ju ji-hoon drama! I know he had some drug problems, lets hope that never happens again!  LAST PICTURE SO CUTE!!!!! if i had a bf i'd do this, So cute, awww my favourite scene!
Absolutely one of my Top 10 kdramas Ever!!
love princess hours
!such a cute drama!
I liked it too.....nice drama