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OMG! GD did it AGAIN!!! I'm still in awe over his last MV.. now I'm asdjhbsjdbkjdfkhdkb *Playing It ON REPEAT!!!* Woah I LOVED the SONG! the MV!! The Freaking FASHION!! *Merri botto bbal keut kkaji!!* The music video tunes so well with the lyrics, such an addictive Song! And I got to give it up for our Boy GD, he's one hell of an actor! PS, Impressive Facial Expressions! <3 I'm OUT of Words!! Love the ALBUM!! R.O.D <3 BLACK <3 WHO YOU <3 I wish he could make an MV for each one of them!!! <3
Oh my god I LOVE this song and the video goes so well with it!!! GD is so hot and I just love this, it is PERFECTION! G. Dragon, you did it again!! Love you oppa!! :)
i love it is so i don't know what i can say it just bloo my mind