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I was originally going to do a one shot for the contest, but considering the time and work schedule. I couldn't finish it in time. However the one shot turned into a three ending shot lol. My question is would you guys want to still read it?
Okay. I wasn't sure if I'd get feedback when I post them, but one way to find out. @JaxomB @Bangtanss It will definitely be up by Monday night
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Will do!
I say go for it! I'm interested in reading your story!
Yes, post it. I wrote a couple of one shots for the contest, but I'm not a writer. No one left any feedback, so I don't even know if they are decent or not. For all I know, they are terrible and I should never write a fan fiction again.
I read two of your stories, and I really liked them! I'm sorry I didn't leave any feedback. I barely had time for myself this whole week.