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This is my submission for the Kangin Community's Halloween FanFiction Contest! I hope you enjoy!
Halloween was one of the few holidays you simply didn't get. It was fun for kids, the costumes, the candy, but when you got older, it was easier to just go out and buy a bag of candy and sit on a couch. It had been several years since you last even considered dressing up for Halloween, and you thought that this year wouldn't be any different. It was half past six when the doorbell had rung and youd gotten up to pass out the first of the candies to kids, and instead, you found a rather tall, suave looking vampire standing there waiting, a bag grasped in his hand. He stepped towards you and you backed into the house, allowing him entrance as you shook your head, laughter beginning to bubble from your lips. Kangin wasnt your boyfriend, nor was he really a close friend. He'd been a friend of a friend from the university music department, who somehow had simply continued showing up around you. You didn't mind. He had an agreeable personality, and his sense of humor lined up with yours perfectly. It wasnt that you hadn't in passing considered dating him, it just never seemed like the right position to be in. Here he was though, on Halloween, dressed up to the nines as a quite debonair vampire, and you couldn't say you weren't interested. It was easy enough to show your interest, simply raising an eyebrow, as he watched your reactions. "Vladimir… Whats this all about?" Your words confirmed your interest and he handed the bag over to you. "Get changed, weve got to get going." You looked down into the bag, seeing the costume inside, you chuckled, looking up, your words paused in your throat as you realized he was being serious. Thinking for a moment, you decided spending time with him was worth the risk, and you turned, heading to your room to change into the costume. When you returned, you'd carefully applied make-up and made sure to have appropriate shoes on. He was waiting patiently, humming some piece of music he probably learned at school. You held up the packet of fake blood to him. "I couldn't do this myself… do you mind helping?" He looked up and seemed momentarily stunned at your appearance, never mind the fact that hed picked the outfit out, and brought it to you. He reached out after a moment, taking the packet, opening it carefully and reached out, gently tipping your head to the side, he ran a finger over your neck, searching out your pulse. If you didnt know vampires weren't real, you might have been nervous. You felt the cool liquid drip onto your skin, and then slip downward, leaving two red trails down your neck. Turning, you smiled. "Kangin… what are we doing?" He grinned, reaching for your hand. You allowed him to pull you to the door, and raised an eyebrow as he simply peered out the screen door, and looking out at the kids who were coming up to the door. He gestured to the bowl, and then reached out, taking the bowl. His eyes sparkled with something new, as you watched him, allowing him to open the door for the kids, reaching out towards them, and then you moved to the door, allowing the kids to see the blood trickling down your neck. The looks on their faces were fantastic, gasps and grins from the kids made you turn to look at Kangin. His smile was blinding. As the kids turned to leave, you allowed the door to shut, turning to him. "So are we going somewhere? "He shook his head in response, taking your hand in his. "You said you didn't like Halloween. Its one of my favorite times of year. Its fun for kids, and the best part is dressing up and scaring the kids or seeing the kids react." You hadn't known that Kangin liked kids, but you supposed that scaring kids could mean he didn't like kids too. You shrugged, looking up at him. "But can't you do this on your own? Why come here and make me dress up?" He chuckled, spinning you around, allowing himself to look at you. "Is it wrong that I wanted to see you in a beautiful dress?" He smirked, pulling you close. "I've liked you for quite a while, and yet somehow, you've always managed to find things to do that made me wonder if maybe you had someone else around, but a week ago, I heard your friend tell you that it was high time you dated again, and I figured it was a sign. Perfect timing." He leaned in, a gentle kiss landing on your forehead and you felt yourself blush. "Its a good thing I like you too… I wouldnt let just anyone drizzle fake blood all over my neck." You laughed, and were about to lean your head on his shoulder when the doorbell rang. You wondered as you carried the bowl of candy to the door, what the kids' reactions would be. Perhaps there was a good reason for Halloween after all.
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OMG it is so CUTE!!! I love it!!!