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Michael Freeman is a well known photography teacher, writer and book author. His best selling book is the Photographer's Eye which is published by iLex. We worked together on two projects, this is one of them. Both were for Sony Asia Pacific. Michael is a fantastic photographer, and is both creatively and technically inclined. I once asked him if he actually wrote all the technical stuff on photoshop with the help of a digital artist and he says he does it all alone. He knows photoshop like the back of his hand.
@tapsamai, oooooh I have worked in lots of places, including market intelligence (singapore), magazine editing and writing, app development (in Macau), DSLR consultancy (singapore) and with Swiss based racing Team, Novellus Infineon as manager for a Porsche team. I have also done a spot of sponsorship marketing for Team Marlboro Kanemoto for the MotoGP. Erv Kanemoto is a wonderful friend. Like him, I've retired from motor racing.
@Benard Mr Benard, may I ask where have you been working. you seems to be really experienced a lot with everything :) . I really admire your work and ur experience though.
@Chickennrice, For the record, I was engaged by Sony Asia Pacific as their DSLR consultant on online and media content for three years and did lots of stuff for them. Since then I have retired :-)
@Benard Damn the makeup and costumes look intense. So how do you guys end up working on these projects? Does Sony contact you guys or do you apply?