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The Masquerade

The shadows fall my dear, Night is coming oh so clear. The beasts want to rear their heads, While you sit down to make your bed. Love why do you hide under the covers? They want to play dramatic lovers. You peek your head out to see, They pull your hair, won't let you be. Play with us, we'll take you on a ride, Majestic and fun we'll let you slide. Down to the floor in euphoric fun, You slip right through and bust your bum. Love why do you cry when you play with them? All they want is fun for ten. You see my love they were a mask, Shiny and bright they were such a task! Glimmering they shine for you to see, The masks fall off love, just let them be. The beasts twist and turn for you, Love you are trying to run, is this true? Shimmering masks fall to the floor, Soon my dear they'll be back for more. The dawn breaks and they crawl back under, You breathe and cry in wonder. Reality strikes and you wake, The beasts you saw love you can now shake. The Mental Illness Struggle.
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Step wise instruction to Install and Setup Belkin router in just a few minutes
We all know that Belkin provides the best wireless routers. It uses high-quality material to enhance the Wi-Fi speed and clears the dead zones around your house. If you have already bought the Belkin router, you have made the best decision. Now, what left to do is Belkin Router Setup and Installation, which you can do just in 5 minutes. For that, you can follow the steps given below. 1. The initial step that you have to do is connect your Belkin router with power outlet source 2. Then, also connect your modem to the power source and then connect it to the wireless router by using the Ethernet cable. 3. After the connection is made, wait for the lights to go solid on both the router and the modem and start the installation process. 4. When you are done with connecting modem and router then, reboot both the devices 5. Now, on your computer checks the Wi-Fi section. 6. Refresh the Network list and look for the New Belkin Network on the list. 7. Connect to the Belkin network and open a browser for login. 8. Use the default web address or IP address for the login process. 9. You can type the default IP address i.e. in the address bad then click on the search icon. 10. You need to select the language and time Zone to configure easily. 11. When you are at Wireless, you need to set up your username and password. 12. Then, select WPA2-PSK in the security type and then apply settings. 13. Now, you need to type a password and apply and save the settings. 14. Then, reboot the router and modem and connect them again. 15. Lock the Belkin dashboard and set up a new password and change the settings. And then, no other than you can access it. 16. With that, you are all done with the installation and setup.
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New Question In ClearPass guest, which statement is true? (Choose three.) A.All guest accounts will be assigned a role of Guest and that cannot be changed. B.The Create Guest Account form is fully configurable and fields can be edited. C.Account Expiration date and time cannot be edited by the administrator. D.A guest User is automatically disconnected from the network when their account expires. E.A guest user will be denied access to the network after their account expires but is not disconnected. F.A visitor location data field can be added to a guest registration form. Answer: ADF New Question A guest user connects to an Open Guest SSID on a wireless network and is redirected to a web login page on ClearPass. How is the authentication performed? A.The controller will capture the credentials as they are passed to ClearPass by the Web Login page. B.ClearPass instructs the wireless controller to fetch the credentials from the Web Login Page. C.The User submits the credentials, and ClearPass instructs the browser to post the credentials to the wireless controller. D.When the user submits the credentials, ClearPass will capture the credentials and post them to the wireless controller. Answer: A New Question In ClearPass, which two service configuration can process credentials from a web Login Page? (Choose two.) A.Guest Service MAC Authentication B.MSCHAP RADIUS Service C.Aruba Application Authentication D.WebAuth Service E.EAP-PEAP RADIUS Service Answer: CE New Question Refer to the exhibit. A user connects to an Aruba Access Point wireless SSID named "Secure-Corporate" and performs an 802.1X authentication with ClearPass as the authentication server. Based on this service configuration, which service will be triggered? A.Service Three B.Service Two C.No service will be triggered. D.Service One Answer: A New Question Refer to the exhibit. What will be the enforcement for the user "neil"? A.Allow Internet Only Access B.Allow Full Access C.Corp Secure Contractor D.Secure Corp BYOD Access Answer: B New Question Which licenses are included in the built-in starter kit for ClearPass? A.10 ClearPass Guest licenses,10 ClearPass OnGuard licenses and 10 ClearPass Onboard licenses B.10 ClearPass Enterprise licenses C.25 ClearPass Policy Manager licenses D.25 ClearPass Profiler licenses E.25 ClearPass Enterprise licenses Answer: E New Question What happens when a client successfully authenticates but does not match any Enforcement Policy rules? A.no role is applied to the device B.logon profile is applied to the device C.default Enforcement profile is applied D.guest rule is applied to the device E.default rule is applied to the device Answer: C New Question Which device uses the Quick Connect method of Onboarding? (Select two.) A.iPad B.iPhone C.Windows D.blackberry E.Android Answer: CE Explanation: http://www.primecominc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Conquering-todays-BYOD-challanges-whitepaper.pdf New Question How do apple iOS 4 and iOS 5 devices download the Onboard provisioning profile and credentials from ClearPass? A.Bonjour B.Quick Connect C.SNMP D.FTP E.Over the air API Answer: E Explanation: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/tkb/articleprintpage/tkb-id/ASE/article-id/18 New Question What is the purpose of a RADIUS IETP Session Timeout attribute being sent to an Aruba Controller when a guest authenticates successfully? A.For the controller to initiate a RADIUS re-authentication automatically when the time limit is reached. B.For ClearPass to send a RADIUS CoA message to the client when the time limit is reached. C.For the user to initiate a RADIUS re-authentication when the time limit is reached. D.For ClearPass to send a RADIUS CoA message when the time limit is reached. E.For the Controller to end the user's authenticated session when the time limit is reached. Answer: E New Question What does a client need for it to perform EAP-TLS successfully? (Select two.) A.Username and Password B.Server Certificate C.Pre-shared key D.Certificate Authority E.Client Certificate Answer: BE Explanation: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/AAA-NAC-Guest-Access-BYOD/Binary-comparison-in-EAP-TLS-Authentication/ta-p/257857 https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/AAA-NAC-Guest-Access-BYOD/Binary-comparison-in-EAP-TLS-Authentication/ta-p/257857 New Question Which authentication type allows a device to authenticate with a client certificate? A.802.1X/EAP B.WEP Authentication C.MAC Authentication D.Captive Portal Authentication E.Open System Authentication Answer: A Explanation: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/AAA-NAC-Guest-Access-BYOD/Binary-comparison-in-EAP-TLS-Authentication/ta-p/257857 New Question Where is the ClearPass Guest Login page URL referenced in the Aruba Controller? A.Guest Access Policy B.WebAuthProfile C.Captive Portal Policy D.Captive Portal Authentication Profile E.Guest Enforcement Profile Answer: D New Question ClearPass Onboard uses which type of WLAN security once the user has authenticated and onboarded the client? A.EAP-PEAP B.EAP-RADIUS C.SSL D.EAP-LEAP E.EAP-TLS Answer: E New Question A guest user connects to an Aruba Controller wireless network and is redirected to a web login page on ClearPass. How is the redirection performed? A.The user inputs the URL of theweb login page in their browser B.The user is redirected to the securelogin.arubanetworks.com web login page. C.ClearPass will capture web traffic and redirect the client to the Web Login page. D.The controller will capture web traffic and redirect thetraffic to the ClearPass Web Login page. E.The user inputs the URL of the controller's securelogin.arubanetworks.com page in their browser. Answer: D New Question Which device verifies the Server certificate during the Over the air provisioning process? A.Aruba Controller B.Active Directory C.ClearPass Onboard D.Client E.ClearPass Policy Manager Answer: E New Question Based on the self-registration customization, what is the expected outcome? A.When the user connects to an ArubaNAD device, the user will be redirected to this self- registration page. B.When the user completes the self-registration form, a NAS login request will be sent from the client to ClearPass alternate domain at securelogin.arubanetworks.com. C.When the userbrowses to securelogin.arubanetworks.com, the user will be redirected to the self- registration page. D.User credentials will be sent to the NAD device when the user clicks the login button on the self- registration receipt page. E.When the user clicks the register button on the self-registration page, user credentials will be sent to the NAD. Answer: B Resources From: 1.2020 Latest Braindump2go HPE6-A67 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Free Share: https://www.braindump2go.com/hpe6-a67.html 2.2020 Latest Braindump2go HPE6-A67 PDF and HPE6-A67 VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iOu2vB9t73rFxIvn-fxDFMZjuNK1pdnT?usp=sharing 3.2020 Latest HPE6-A67 Exam Questions from: https://od.lk/fl/NDZfMTIzNzI2Ml8 Free Resources from Braindump2go,We Devoted to Helping You 100% Pass All Exams!
Existential ~D. James Breaux
It's Saturday morning and the World is different. Yet we are here. And we will persevere. All of us. Every human. Globally. And actually....the World is not different. The Heavens are the same. He who created them is the same. The mountains and streams are the same. The whole of nature is the same. The Universe is the same. And in our hearts, we are the same. But we need to change. We all need to change. We all can become better. We all can become stronger. We all can become One. Through Love. Perchance to dream. Perchance to change the World. At this moment in time, that is what we're tasked with. It is a tall order. Overcoming frustration, doubt, fear, anger. That which we do not understand, we fear. But fear has no dominion. Hate has no dominion. Neither exists in three-dimensional reality. It's true. Fear is a myth. And hate does not exist anywhere. It is fundamentally absent in the Universe. Did you know that? There is no hate. The only thing that is....is a lack of Love. And we can change that. This is the chance in all of time to fix it for all time. We can fix it. It has to start from within. At the very center of our Heart. Because we are not our mind. We are not our identity. We are not our bodies. We are not our values, or our belief system. We are Spirit beings created through Love. Yes, we are divine Love. At our heart centers, that's what we are. All of us. So let our hearts be strong. Only Love. Because Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy in the World. Because the Universe was created through Love. And because Love is the law of the Universe. Therefore with Love....all things are possible.
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New Question You migrate an SAP environment to Azure. You need to inspect all the outbound traffic from the SAP application servers to the Internet. Which two Azure resources should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Network Performance Monitor A.a web application firewall (WAF) for Azure Application Gateway B.Azure user-defined routes C.Azure Traffic Manager D.Azure Firewall E.Azure Load Balancer NAT rules Answer: A,C New Question You are designing the backup for an SAP database. You have an Azure Storage account that is configured as shown in the following exhibit. Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the information presented in the graphic. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: Explanation: Box 1: standard solid-state drives (SSDs) Standard SSD Managed Disks, a low-cost SSD offering, are optimized for test and entry-level production workloads requiring consistent latency. Box 2: to another Azure region Geo-redundant storage (GRS) copies your data synchronously three times within a single physical location in the primary region using LRS. It then copies your data asynchronously to a single physical location in a secondary region that is hundreds of miles away from the primary region. References: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/managed-disks/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/common/storage-redundancy#geo-redundantstorage New Question You plan to deploy SAP application servers that run Windows Server 2016. You need to use PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) to configure the SAP application server once the servers are deployed. Which Azure virtual machine extension should you install on the servers? A.the Azure virtual machine extension B.the Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP C.the Azure Chef extension D.the Azure DSC VM Extension Answer: D Explanation: The Azure Desired State Configuration (DSC) VM Extension is updated as-needed to support enhancements and new capabilities delivered by Azure, Windows Server, and the Windows Management Framework (WMF) that includes Windows PowerShell. References: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/dsc/getting-started/azuredscexthistory New Question You deploy an SAP environment on Azure. Your company has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99% for SAP. You implement Azure Availability Zones that have the following components: Redundant SAP application servers ASCS/ERS instances that use a failover cluster Database high availability that has a primary instance and a secondary instance You need to validate the high availability configuration of the ASCS/ERS cluster. What should you use? A.SAP Solution Manager B.Azure Traffic Manager C.SAPControl D.SAP Web Dispatcher Answer: B Explanation: C: You can use SAPControl to start or stop an SAP system from the command line. References: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/architecture/reference-architectures/sap/sap-netweaver New Question You have an SAP production landscape on-premises and an SAP development landscape on Azure. You deploy a network virtual appliance to act as a firewall between the Azure subnet and the onpremises network. Solution: You configure route filters for Microsoft peering. Does this meet the goal? A. Yes B. No Answer: B New Question A customer enterprise SAP environment plans to migrate to Azure. The environment uses servers that runs Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server. The environment is critical and requires a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery ( BCDRJ strategy that minimizes the recovery point objective (RPO) and the recovery time objective ( RTO ). The customer wants a resilient environment that has a secondary site that is at least 250 Kilometers away. You need to recommend a solution for the customer. Which two solutions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part ot the solution. NOTE; Each correct selection Is worth one point. A.an internal load balancer to route Internet traffic B.warn standby virtual machines in paired regions C.Warm standby virtual machine an Azure Availability Set that uses geo-redundant storage (GRS) D.Azure Traffic Manager to route incoming traffic. E.warm standby virtual machines in Azure Availability Zones. Answer: B,C Explanation: References: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/workloads/sap/sap-hana-availability-oneregion New Question You plan to migrate an SAP environment to Azure. You need to design an Azure network infrastructure to meet the following requirements: *Prevent end users from accessing the database servers. *Isolate the application servers from the database servers. *Ensure that end users can access the SAP systems over the internet Minimize the costs associated to the communications between the application servers and database servers Which two actions should you include in the solution? Each correct answer presents pan of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.In the same Azure virtual network, segregate the SAP application service and database servers by using different subnets and network security groups. B.Configure Azure Traffic Manager to route incoming connections. C.Segregate the SAP application servers and database servers by using different Azure virtual networks. D.Create a site-to-site VPN between the on premises network and Azure. E.Configure an infernal Azure Standard Load Balancer for incoming connections. Answer: B New Question A customer has an on-premises SAP environment. The customer plans to migrate SAP to Azure. You need to prepare the environment for the planned migration. Which three actions should you perform in sequence before the migration? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Answer: New Question You are building an SAP environment by using Azure Resource Manager templates. The SAP environment will use Linux virtual machines. You need to correlate the LUN of the data disks in the template to the volume of the virtual machines. Which command should you run/ A.Tree /dev/ disk/azure/root B.Is /dev/ disk/azure/scsil C.Is /dev/ disk/azure/root D.Tree /dev/disk/azure/resource Answer: A New Question You plan to deploy an SAP environment on Azure. The SAP environment will have landscapes for production, development. and quality assurance. You need to minimize the costs associated with running the development and quality assurance landscapes on Azure. What should you do? A.Configure Azure virtual machine scales sets. B.Create a scheduled task that runs the stopsap command. C.Configure scaling for Azure App Service. D.Create Azure Automation runbooks to stop, deallocate, and start Azure virtual machines. Answer: B New Question You are deploying an SAP production landscape to Azure. Your company's chief information security officer (CISO) requires that the SAP deployment complies with ISO 27001. You need to generate a compliance report for ISO 27001. What should you use? A.Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B.Azure Security Center C.Azure Monitor D.Azure Log Analytics Answer: B Resources From: 1.2020 Latest Braindump2go AZ-120 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Free Share: https://www.braindump2go.com/az-120.html 2.2020 Latest Braindump2go AZ-120 PDF and AZ-120 VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JuZJRLXeRZjvEVqjZxKg_QSRXuzFBnsu?usp=sharing 3.2020 Latest AZ-120 Exam Questions from: https://od.lk/fl/NDZfMTI0MDgyNV8 Free Resources from Braindump2go,We Devoted to Helping You 100% Pass All Exams!
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New Question April states she would like to use the cellular network from her iPhone to access the Internet for free on her Mac. What true statement can you give April? A."Personal Hotspot can come with additional charges. You should contact your carrier." B."You must enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone before the feature can work for free." C."Personal Hotspot only works on CDMA networks." D."Personal Hotspot is a great way to access the Internet for free!" Answer: A New Question Which of the following are required to setup iTunes backup with an iPhone 8? (hoose two.) A.Encrypted volume on Mac or PC B.Lightning to USB Cable C.iCloud account D.Computer compatible with iTunes E.iTunes Store account Answer: CE Explanation: https://support.apple.com/guide/itunes/back-up-your-ios-or-ipados-device-itns3280/windows New Question When evaluating an issue, which of the following is an empathetic and supportive closed question about updating software on an iOS device? A.You do know you should always update your software, correct? B.How to update your software is in the iPhone User's guide, why didn't you read it before using this phone? C.I notice that your iPhone software is not up to date; would you like me to walk you through updating the software? D.Updating your software is extremely easy, why haven't you done so? Answer: C New Question Which of the following summarizes a customer's concerns without simply repeating what the customer said? A.evaluating B.listening C.reflecting D.parroting Answer: C Explanation: https://www.counsellingconnection.com/index.php/2009/07/21/encouragers-paraphrasing-and-summarising/ New Question Which of the following expresses empathy rather than sympathy? A.I feel so sorry for you. I bet you feel disappointed. B.Poor you! You must feel awful. C.Oh, what a pity! This must make you feel disappointed. D.I am sorry this happened to you. I can see why you may be disappointed Answer: D New Question Which of the following is an important factor when beginning to troubleshoot a customer issue? A.Gaining agreement on the issue to be resolved. B.Assume that the customer does not know how to use the product. C.Providing solutions in the shortest amount of time. D.Promoting new products. Answer: A New Question You suspect that the issue Darla describes is a result of how she is using her iPhone. Which of the following is an empathetic and supportive closed question to ask? A.Why didn't you review the iPhone User Guide before you tried to use your phone? B.Do you realize how you are using the iPhone is causing your issue? C.That is not the correct way of using the iPhone; do you need a demonstration? D.Do you mind if I show you a couple of ways I learned to use the iPhone? Answer: D New Question Which of the following statements empathize with the customer or helps resolve a conflict? (Choose three.) A."Calm down. You are being ridiculous." B."These devices are expensive, I cannot change that." C."Please control yourself. That is not how it works." D."I'm sorry to hear that." E."I can understand why you are upset." F."It is not possible to repair it by Monday." G."You are right. I would be frustrated as well." Answer: DEG New Question When would a technician need to use a positive `no' with a customer? (Choose three.) A.The device is out of warranty. B.The technician does not feel like helping the customer. C.The customer wants to purchase a new device. D.The customer is misinformed about service options. E.The device is an obsolete device that we no longer service. F.The device is eligible for repair. G.Apple introduces new product. Answer: ADE New Question How would you define a "positive no" to a co-worker? A.Lead with a positive then switch to a negative, such as, "Definitely not." B.It's leading with "no" and not engaging in any further conversation with the customer. C.It is a way to correct a customer by informing them of what you can do. D.You say no with a positive voice inflection. Answer: C New Question Select the statement that appropriately sets customer expectations when fixing an issue. A."Repairing this component is easy. We never fail to do it in less than four hours." B."I promise to have the product ready by midday tomorrow." C."We currently do not have that part in stock. I can call you as soon as the part arrives." D."Our courier always delivers on time." Answer: C Resources From: 1.2020 Latest Braindump2go SVC-19A Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Free Share: https://www.braindump2go.com/svc-19a.html 2.2020 Latest Braindump2go SVC-19A PDF and SVC-19A VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DYV7Inm1nEmNTP8jHMublCyRxf9niFn9?usp=sharing 3.2020 Latest SVC-19A Exam Questions from: https://od.lk/fl/NDZfMTI0MTM4MF8 Free Resources from Braindump2go,We Devoted to Helping You 100% Pass All Exams!
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New Question What 802.11 PHY uses available space in very low frequency ranges that is not in use at the time by broadcast video signals? A.DMG B.SIG C.DSSS D.TVHT Answer: C Explanation: https://www.cwnp.com/802-11ac-vht-just-the-facts/ New Question You are evaluating access points for use in the 5GHz frequency band. What PHY supports this band and supports 80 MHz channels? A.OFDM B.HT C.VHT D.ERP Answer: C Explanation: https://www.cwnp.com/802-11ac-vht-just-the-facts/ New Question When antenna gain is reported in dBI, the gain of the antenna is compared to what theoretical antenna? A.Yagl B.Dipole C.Rubber ducky D.Isotropic radiator Answer: D Explanation: https://www.cwnp.com/forums/posts?postNum=292616 New Question You are evaluating a connection that states the data rate is 150 Mbps. What is the expected throughput of this connection? A.Less than 150 Mbps because of 802.11 overhead and contention B.54 Mbps because that is the actual maximum throughput of an 802.11 connection C.More than 150 Mbps because of compression D.150 Mbps because the data rate is equal to the throughput Answer: A New Question You are configuring an access point to use channel 128. What important fact should be considered about this channels? A.It is a 22 MHz channel so it will overlap with the channels above and below it B.It is a 2.4 GHz frequency band 40 MHz channel, so it should not be used C.It is a channel that is unsupported by most access points D.It is a channel that likely requires DFS when used Answer: D New Question The BSA of an AP covers the area used by the sales and marketing department. Thirty-five stations operate in this space. The user indicate that they need more throughput and all stations are 5 GHz capable 802.11ac clients. The current AP configuration uses 20 MHz channels in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. What is the least expensive solution available for increasing throughput for these users without implementing configuration options that are not recommended? A.Use a 160 MHz channel on the 5 GHz radio B.Use a 40 MHz channel on the 5 GHz radio C.Install a second AP in the coverage area D.Use a 40 MHz channel on the 2.4 GHz radio. Answer: C New Question A client STA must choose the best AP for connectivity. As part of the evaluation, it must verify compatible data rates. What can the client STA use to verify that an AP supports the same data rates that it supports? A.Beacon frames transmitted by the AP B.Data frames sent between the AP and current client STAs C.Authentication frames transmitted by the other client STAs D.Probe request frames transmitted by other client STAs Answer: D Explanation: https://supportforums.cisco.com/t5/wireless-mobility-documents/802-11-sniffer-capture-analysis-management-frames-and-open-auth/ta-p/3120622 New Question A string of characters and digits is entered into an AP and a client STA for WPA2 security. The string is 8 characters long. What is this string called? A.MSK B.WEP key C.Passphrase D.PSK Answer: C Explanation: http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_64x_WebHelp/Content/ArubaFrameStyles/VirtualAPs/SSID_Profiles.htm New Question When considering data rates available in HT and VHT PJY devices, in addition to the modulation, coding, channel width, and spatial streams, what impacts the data rate according to the MCS tables? A.The Frequency band in use B.The client drivers C.The guard interval D.The height of the antennas Answer: C Explanation: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1702.03257.pdf New Question In a mesh BSS (MBSS), according to the 802.11-2016 standard, what device connect the mesh to an Ethernet network? A.Mesh Gate B.Mesh Switch C.Mesh Router D.Mesh Portal Answer: A Explanation: https://www.cwnp.com/uploads/802-11s_mesh_networking_v1-0.pdf New Question When a STA has authenticated to an AP (AP-1), but still maintains a connection with another AP (AP- 2), what is the state of the STA on AP-1? A.Transitional B.Unauthenticated and Unassociated C.Authenticated and Unassociated D.Authenticated and Associated Answer: A New Question What statement about 802.11 WLAN bridges is true? A.WLAN bridges only work in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and they support only SISO communications B.WLAN bridges must use a channel with acceptable SNR at both transceivers to maintain the desired data rate bi-directionally C.WLAN bridges may support MIMO communications, but only if used in the 5 GHz frequency band D.WLAN bridges must be implemented such that no interference occurs on the channel anywhere between the two endpoints used to establish the bridge Answer: C New Question What security method is commonly used for VoIP handsets when the infrastructure does not support OKC or FT roaming? A.WPA2-Enterprise with EAP-TTLS B.WPA2-Enterprise with EAP-TLS C.WPA2-Enterprise with PEAP D.WPA2 -Personal Answer: B New Question A natural disaster has occurred in a remote area that is approximately 40 miles from the response team headquarters. The response team must setup a local wireless network using 802.11 WLAN access points. What is the best method, of those listed, for implementation of network backhaul for communications across the Internet in this scenario? A.Temporary wired cable B.802.11 bridging C.Cellular/LTE D.Temporary wired DSL Answer: C New Question What Linux shell command can be used to view the hardware and PHY capabilities of a wireless adapter in detail including channel widths, output power setting, channels supported, and more? A.ifconflg B.iw phy C.netsh wlan show device D.iwconflg Answer: D New Question Which one of the following 802.11 PHYs is more likely to be used in an industrial deployment but not likely to be used in standard office deployments? A.SIG B.VHT C.OFDM D.HT Answer: B Resources From: 1.2020 Latest Braindump2go CWNA-107 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Free Share: https://www.braindump2go.com/cwna-107.html 2.2020 Latest Braindump2go CWNA-107 PDF and CWNA-107 VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JUvVmybJlQLHKb1xv-bFRhKuF9DwZOGD?usp=sharing 3.2020 Latest CWNA-107 Exam Questions from: https://od.lk/fl/NDZfMTIzMzIwMF8 Free Resources from Braindump2go,We Devoted to Helping You 100% Pass All Exams!
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New Question Refer to the exhibit. An administrator wants to centralize administrative access to the Aruba Mobility Controllers (MC) and Mobility Master (MM). ClearPass is set up and the preferred authentication protocols is TACACS+. Where should the administrator perform this configuration in the MM hierarchy shown in the exhibit? A.At the Managed Network level B.At the two campus levels C.At both the Mobility Master and Managed Network levels D.At the controller levels Answer: A New Question An administrator inherits an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) that has an unknown username and password. Which credentials should the administrator enter to reset the administrative access? A.Username: backdoor; Password: @ruba B.Username: admin; Password: admin C.Username: password; Password: forgetme! D.Username: Aruba; Password: Reset! Answer: C New Question An administrator configures the MultiZone feature for a company network, where a mobility cluster is the primary zone and a standalone controller in the company's DMZ represents a secondary data zone. The administrator configures two AP Groups and respective VAPs for the zones on the Mobility Master (MM) in the primary zone. When the APs boot up and establish connections to both zones, the administrator notices that no data connections are established to the data zone. What must the administrator do to fix this problem? A.Configure the same AP Groups and VAPs on the standalone controller, and associate the MultiZone APs to both groups. B.Configure the same AP Group in the data zone as it is in the primary zone, and configure the VAPs in the data zone. C.Have the MultiZone APs initially boot from the standalone controller in the data zone. D.Create different AP groups and VAPs on the Mobility Master and standalone controllers, and associate the MultiZone APs to both groups. Answer: B New Question An administrator creates new pre-and post-authentication roles for a new WLAN. For which profile should the administrator assign these new roles under the Managed Network section? A.Server Groups B.Virtual AP C.802.1X D.AAA profile Answer: D New Question An administrator currently manages an L2 cluster with Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) that run ArubaOS 8.x. What happens when the administrator enables AP load balancing? A.AP load balancing occurs when the rebalance and unbalance thresholds are met. B.Users must re-authenticate if they are moved from one controller to another because load balancing is performed. C.Balancing of users is based on a hash of their IP address. D.AP load balancing is triggered based on the amount of user traffic that users generate. Answer: A New Question An administrator implements clustering on Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) that run ArubaOS 8.x. An AP is connected to a cluster member. The administrator accidentally powers off the AP. How does the AP determine that it should failover to an alternate controller in the cluster? A.The Mobility Master notifies the AP. B.The AP detects a PAPI failure. C.The cluster leader notifies the AP. D.The Standby AAC notifies the AP. Answer: D New Question An administrator implements a standalone controller that runs ArubaOS 8.x. Which feature should the administrator configure to optimize the RF operation for the company's WLAN? A.AirMatch B.Clustering C.ARM D.Zones Answer: C New Question An administrator creates a cluster of four Mobility Controllers (MCs). When the administrator verifies the cluster operation, the administrator notices that it is operating as an L3-connected cluster. What should the administrator do to ensure that the cluster operates as an L2-connected cluster? (Choose two.) A.Include all IP addresses in the same subnets shared by the Mobility Controllers. B.Exclude all VLANs that are not trunked to each Mobility Controller. C.Verify VLAN configuration on the switch trunks that interconnects the Mobility Controllers. D.Configure a separate VRRP group for each cluster member. E.Ensure that the controller IP addresses are in the same subnet. Answer: BE New Question An administrator has ArubaOS-Switches that support tunneled node. The administrator wants to tunnel all user traffic from the Ethernet ports on the switches, and have the controllers authenticate the user traffic and apply the appropriate user role. Which implementation meets these requirements? A.Role-based tunneled node with the controllers configured for standalone mode B.Role-based tunneled node with the controllers configured in a cluster C.Per-port tunneled node with the controllers configured for standalone mode D.Per-port tunneled node with the controllers configured in a cluster Answer: C New Question An administrator manages an Aruba wireless network. ClearPass is used to centralize AAA functions. The administrator wants to implement server role derivation. Which information will the ClearPass server return in regards to the user role assignment? A.RADIUS VSA User-Role B.Aruba VSA Firewall-Role C.Aruba VSA Aruba-User-Role D.RADIUS VSA Firewall-Role Answer: C New Question What are the responsibilities of a cluster leader in a cluster of Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs)? (Choose two.) A.To identify primary and secondary Mobility Controllers for APs B.To create a table to determine how a wireless client maps to a cluster member C.To identify a backup cluster leader for redundancy D.To manage the configuration of cluster members E.To automatically load balance clients if the load across cluster members changes Answer: BE New Question An administrator wants to implement a Live Upgrade (in-service upgrade) of a cluster in an Aruba wireless solution. Which ArubaOS feature does the Mobility Master (MM) use to ensure RF redundancy, so that when one or more APs are rebooted there is no loss of wireless coverage for users? A.AirMatch B.Mobility Controller load balancing C.AP image preload D.AP image verification Answer: A New Question Refer to the exhibit. An administrator configures a split-tunnel policy to be used by RAPs at branch offices. Under the Configuration section on the Mobility master (MM) shown in the exhibit, where should the administrator configure the split-tunnel mode so that it can be deployed to the RAPs? A.WLAN B.Roles & Policies C.Access Points D.Services Answer: A New Question Which ArubaOS CLI command can an administrator execute to determine if AP load balancing is enabled in a cluster? A.show aaa cluster essid B.show lc-cluster group-membership C.show switches D.show ap active Answer: B New Question What must an administrator configure in order for the ClearPass server to execute a RADIUS Change of Authorization (CoA) to Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) in a cluster? A.Active and Standby AAC with clustering B.VRRP IP on each cluster member C.IPSec High Availability (HA) between two cluster members D.Primary and backup LMS IP addresses Answer: B New Question An administrator configures a network scan set in AirWare to scan a subnet to discover new switches. The scan completes and AirWave successfully uses the SNMP credentials to validate SNMP access. However, SSH access fails and the administrator must manually configure the SSH credentials used for all of these devices. To prevent this problem in the future, what should the administrator complete prior to running the network scan? A.Define the SSH communication parameters under the Group's Manage section. B.Define a scan credentials set that includes the SSH communication parameters. C.Define the SSH communication parameters under the AP/Device's Manage section. D.Define the SSH communication parameters for the Default Credentials under Device Setup section. Answer: D New Question Which Aruba AP mode constantly scans the radio environment to gather IDS and RF information? A.Spectrum AP B.RAP C.Mesh Portal D.Air Monitor Answer: D Resources From: 1.2020 Latest Braindump2go HPE6-A71 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Free Share: https://www.braindump2go.com/hpe6-a71.html 2.2020 Latest Braindump2go HPE6-A71 PDF and HPE6-A71 VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hPHAh6RlRYtvKY_IvFDi55JInLOAOK3b?usp=sharing 3.2020 Latest HPE6-A71 Exam Questions from: https://od.lk/fl/NDZfMTIyNjgyM18 Free Resources from Braindump2go,We Devoted to Helping You 100% Pass All Exams!
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New Question What is the importance of application versioning? A Application versioning provides the ability to clone rules B Application versioning preserves prior application versions C Application versioning provides a means to organize applications by priority D Application versioning provides the ability to version data classes without impacting existing data classes Answer: B New Question Select two benefits of using Global Resource Settings (Choose Two) A Global Resource Settings improves the performance for integration with the external system B Global Resource Settings allow you to manage settings without needing to unlock rulesets C Global Resource Settings allow you to manage settings in one place D Global Resource Settings allow you to define settings for all your different environments in one location Answer: BC New Question Your application requires a cascading approval for expense reports Approvals must follow the submitter's reporting structure, with the following thresholds A manager must approve expense reports up to USD500 A director must approve expense reports up to USD1500 A vice president must approve expense reports of USD1500 or greater How do you configure the approval process? A Select the reporting structure configuration with custom levels, then configure when rules to determine the number of levels B Select the reporting structure configuration, then select All levels C Select the reporting structure configuration with custom levels, then configure a decision table to determine the number of levels D Select the authority matrix configuration option Answer: A New Question Which requirement do you satisfy with an Access When record? A Managers can perform an optional action to transfer a case to another workbasket, but users cannot B Accountants can edit a purchase request only if the case was created by a member of their assigned department C Government regulations require that you explicitly block user access to personally identifiable information D Company policies require that you only allow managers to run reports on purchase requests Answer: B New Question Which two steps do you perform to update the logo in a portal header? (Choose Two) A Upload the new image to a binary file record B Reference the image in the portal skin C Reference the image in the application record D Update the portal header to reference the new image Answer: AD New Question Which two of the following steps are needed to implement Global Resource Settings? (Choose Two) A Create a data page B Create a property for each environment C Create a data transform D Create a report definition Answer: AC New Question What task must you perform in order to persist a temporary case? A Add a Persist Case SmartShape to the process B Add an object ID to the case C Add a persistence condition to the case type D Configure pyStartCase to persist a case Answer: A New Question What does the orange triangle in this screen indicate? A The service returned an error B The data page's connector is not properly configured C The data page source system is simulated D The service could not be reached Answer: C New Question The reason you want to run a process immediately before taking performance readings is ____________ A to train the system which process we're going to measure B to make sure there are no bugs in the system C to allow the rules to assemble D to make sure we know which buttons to click so we can be quick Answer: C New Question You have configured an agent to automatically send correspondence The agent runs in standard mode using AQM As of the last agent run, entries failed to commit and the correspondence was not sent Which two approaches could you take to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose Two) A Open the Requestor Management screen in SMA, select the requestor with a waiting message, and run the Tracer B Open the Requestor Management screen in SMA, select the requestor with a waiting message, and display the error message and stack trace information C Open the Broken Process queue, select an item, and run the Tracer D Open the Broken Process queue, select the entry, and view the error message and stack trace information Answer: AD New Question You have added a cascading approval step that uses an authority matrix You have specified a decision table to determine the approvers for each case You have confirmed that the conditions in the decision table are configured correctly You test the configuration by entering requests that require multiple approvers However, the system routes all requests to only one approver Which of the following actions would you take to correct this issue? A Add an approval level for each approver B Add a row to the decision table that evaluates the submitter's workgroup manager C Set the decision table to evaluate all rows D Specify a page list for the authority matrix Answer: C New Question Based on the information in the chart If you execute the rule when Dept=Engineering which version does Pega use? A 01-01-01, None B 01-01-35 C 01-01-01, Dept=Engineering D 01-01-20, Dept=Engineering Answer: B New Question Use the ________________ keyword to reference a parameter in the same rule in which the parameter is defined A Local B Parent C THIS D Param Answer: D New Question Select two record types that are involved when configuring a production ruleset (Choose Two) A Organization B Access group C Application D Operator E Work group Answer: BC New Question An agent runs every day at 7:00 A M You have been asked to update the agent so that it runs once every 300 seconds How would you modify the agent schedule to meet this requirement? A Change the Periodic pattern to Recurring Open the Parameters dialog and update the schedule B Change the Recurring pattern to Periodic and enter the Interval value C Keep the Periodic pattern In the Parameters dialog, update the schedule D Keep the Recurring pattern and update the Interval value Answer: B New Question An error is generated as a connector invokes a remote service Which of the following could be an example of a transient error? A The request is sent to the wrong system B The service is running on a system that is temporarily not available C The returned order total is incorrectly calculated D The request format is not understood by the service Answer: B New Question Which of the following is not part of the organizational structure? A Division B Unit C Organization D Work Group Answer: D New Question A branch ruleset is a ruleset that ___________ (Choose Two) A Contains rules that are not in active development B Is designed for large projects C Is based off of another ruleset D Prevents developers from seeing work of all team members Answer: BC Resources From: 1.2020 Latest Braindump2go PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Free Share: https://www.braindump2go.com/pegapcssa80v1-2019.html 2.2020 Latest Braindump2go PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 PDF and PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lRXAdMR6LcV20LklxkO5y67wZ4DIOwUx?usp=sharing 3.2020 Latest PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Questions from: https://od.lk/fl/NDZfMTIzMzI1N18 Free Resources from Braindump2go,We Devoted to Helping You 100% Pass All Exams!
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