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Quiet mornings were always your favorite, with your husband’s arms around you, his head cradled into your neck while your fingers were laced with his on the top of your ballooned stomach. A song cut through the quiet air as one of the strong arms slowly unwrapped from you, feeling the bed move underneath you, you woke from your sleep as your eyes opened for a second before closing again. Hearing the song end prematurely, his arm returned to you resting for a moment or two, you felt him lift his head from you as he pressed his soft lips onto your cheek.
“Good morning love” He whispered ever so softly, careful not to wake you. Leaning down, he pressed two kisses on your stomach before rubbing his hand lovingly over the spot where he kissed to make sure that the love went into the two children inside you.
“You’re too cute” You whispered quietly as you lifted one of your hands to slowly run it through his morning hair.
“You’re the cute one” Baekhyun lifted his eyes from the babies to your eyes.
“Do you really have to leave today?” You pouted lightly, already knowing the answer.
“I do…” He sighed lightly “I will be back before you put the babies to bed. I promise”
Sealing his promise with a kiss to your lips, smiling lightly into the kiss, you cradled his head and kept your lips connected with his for as long as you could before he pulled away and rested his forehead against yours.
“Let me know if you need anything, I will talk to you during breaks that I have” Baekhyun lifted his head and pressed a chaste kiss against your forehead before his arms pushed his body up from the mattress.
“Okay” You whispered while nodding your head against the pillow.
Dismounting the bed, Baekhyun padded into the bathroom and conjoined closet to get ready for his day of schedules. Closing your eyes, the early hour allowed you to slowly fall back into sleep while the subtle morning sounds of Baekhyun getting ready soothed you until you were fast asleep.
Opening the bathroom door, Baekhyun smiled seeing your sleeping form among the covers. Padding over to you, he pulled a light blanket over you as he pushed some hair behind your ear before kissing your temple. Heading out of the bedroom, he kept the door open as he made you a small plate of crackers and a glass of water. Slowly entering the bedroom again, he tip toed around the bed and placed the plate of crackers and glass of water on your bedside table. Adding a little note, he smiled and admired you for a moment before grabbing his backpack and headed out of the bedroom door. Closing the door slightly behind him, he then made himself a light breakfast and found the lunch that you packed him the night before. Slipping the food into his bag, he finished up his breakfast before a honk was heard outside. Knowing that was the van, he slipped out the door making sure to lock it after he exited.
Hearing the honk and then the front door close slightly after, you knew that Baekhyun had left. Opening your eyes, you rolled over onto your back as a warm heat began to radiate from your skin. Lifting your hand up, you laid it over your forehead as you took in deep breaths while an all too familiar feeling began to settle in your stomach.
Rolling your head over to your bedside table, you smiled seeing a plate of crackers and water next to your bed along with a simple ‘I love you’ note.
“Daddy sure is sweet” You mumbled to yourself as you lifted a cracker from the plate and slipped the salty cracker between your lips before taking a small bite. Closing your eyes, you let the cracker soften in your mouth before chewing and swallowing. Making sure to take it slow, you hoped that it would cure your morning sickness.
A few crackers later, you stopped and rested your hand over your stomach as you let your stomach decide what it wanted to do with the food. However, you got your answer sooner than you would have liked. Sitting up quickly, you jumped out of bed and rushed towards the bathroom. Kneeling before the porcelain throne, you took deep breaths while your eyes stayed closed. Feeling the feeling subside, you took a deep breath and sat upright, gathering your hair into a low ponytail, you continued to take deep breaths before that feeling became too strong for you to ignore.
Hours ticked by as you stayed within the walls of the master bathroom, vomiting every once and a while and growing weaker, you leaned against the wall as the cool tile helped keep you from falling asleep.
“Sweetie, I’m home” Your husband’s voice rang through the house as the front door closed soon after he announced his arrival.
Wanting to tell him that you were in the bedroom, you opened your mouth but quickly turned and vomited once again. Hearing the odd sound, Baekhyun quickly trotted around the two bedroom apartment trying to find you. Standing at the doorway of the bathroom, he saw your hunched over figure and approached you as he rested his hand on your shoulder while rubbing your back.
“Sorry” You whispered once you were able to catch your breath.
“Don’t be” Baekhyun kissed your head as he settled down next to you, “Can I get you anything?”
Shaking your head weakly, you leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes while he rubbed your leg letting you relax.
“I thought this was supposed to go away after the third month” You mumbled against his shoulder finding it incredibly comfy.
“Things might be different when you are carrying twins” Baekhyun reasoned as he rested his head lightly against yours.
“Maybe…” You whispered as you slowly fell into a light sleep.
Hearing your breathing slow and a slight hum, Baekhyun turned his head to see you asleep on him. Finding you absolutely adorable, he kissed your head gently and maneuvered his arms around you. Picking you up with ease, he carried you out to the living room and placed you on the couch so that he could watch you and give you a chance of scenery.
Sitting with you on the couch, he held you close as you slept, pulling out his phone he began doing some research as to how he could help with the morning sickness or if it was a symptom for something else. Scrolling through hundreds of articles, he finally stumbled upon one that provided him with some answers. Looking you over carefully, he tilted his head slightly thinking that possibly you have lost a little weight, which in turn you should be gaining. Thinking back to when he picked you up, he thought you felt lighter than you had previously. Pursing his lips in thought, he glanced down at you cradled between his side and his arm, with the twins pressing against his stomach he leaned down and pressed his lips against your forehead before pulling a light blanket off of the back of the couch and laying it over you.
Flipping on the tv, he surfed the channels before finally settling on an older movie. Keeping the volume low, he played with the ends of your hair while he tried to occupy his mind, however it just caused the medical journals that he had read previously to churn in his mind.
“You would tell me if something was wrong, right?” Baekhyun whispered into your hair as his free hand gently rubbed your stomach. His eyes watched your ballooned belly hoping that everything is okay in there not wanting to lose you or the babies.
A few hours passed as the movie credits rolled across the screen, Baekhyun’s body asleep next to yours before the next show startled him, snapping his eyes open. Pulling his phone from the arm of the couch, he lit up the screen as the bright numbers printed across the screen.
“Let’s get you three into a comfy bed” Baekhyun whispered as he cautiously shuffled you into his arms before he stood up and headed back to the bedroom.
A soft whine came from your lips as he placed you down on the cool covers. Moving your legs under the sheets, he kissed your head softly as you adjusted to the new surface below you. Standing upright a moment, he pulled the chain on the lamp beside your bed, the soft yellow light lightly pushed away the darkness while Baekhyun’s eyes slowly traveled over your bedside table to see the few crackers you ate and the little water you sipped.
Guiding himself around the bed, he crawled in next to you as he slowly wrapped his arms around you again. Bringing you against him, you nuzzled into him, a smile curled onto his lips as he kissed your forehead gently.
“Goodnight love” Baekhyun whispered while his hands moved with every breath you breathed.
The early morning hours greeted you from your long night, your eyes opening to the soft light pouring in through the blinds hanging over the large window in your master bedroom. Feeling your stomach growl and grumble, you carefully moved from your husband’s embrace and reached over to your bedside table and pulled over the water glass that resided there from the morning before.
Pushing yourself up slightly, you lifted the glass to your lips as you thought that the water would at least calm your stomach slightly. Small sips of water filled your mouth as you gulped the small amounts of water down your parched throat. However instead of a soothing or filling feeling, your stomach took a turn for the worse as you felt worse than the day before.
Quickly shuffling to the bathroom, you flicked on the light before you hovered over the sink, just in case. Tying back your hair quickly, you tried to take deep breaths as your eyes closed while you tried to focus on your breathing. The feeling grew as you opened your mouth and began dry heave into the sink, saliva gathered in your mouth and dripped from your lips into the sink.
With the bright light pouring into the conjoined bedroom, Baekhyun adjusted between the sheets before his hand searched your side of the bed. Not finding you, he rubbed his eyes and opened them sleepily before he heard noises from the bathroom. Sitting upright in haste, he threw the covers off of him and trotted over to the open bathroom door.
Standing at the doorway, his eyes quickly scanned the bathroom before his brown orbs fell upon you hovering over the sink in a state of distress. Taking in deep breaths and letting them out slowly, you tried hard to keep your knees from buckling, however they began to get weak as you shifted your weight slowly from one foot to the other.
Observing your swaying figure, Baekhyun slowly approached you, his hands gently resting on your hips as he rubbed small circles with one of his hands.
“How can I help?” He questioned gently, unsure of what to do
“I feel like I’m going to faint” You told him, your skin losing its color quickly.
Immediately after you spoken, you felt his strong arms encase your body as he pulled your body against his trying to stabilize you.
“When did you eat last?” He questioned wondering if you were just hungry.
Biting your lip, you wondered if you should lie, however the truth spilled from your lips before you could hold it back, “Today would be the third…”
Baekhyun’s eyes widened in shock that you haven’t had any food for that long, especially carrying twins. Leading him to his next question, “When did you have three glasses of water?”
Silence filled the bathroom as you swayed in his arms, heat rising from your skin as you had had a hard time concentrating. Keeping your eyes closed, your hand rested over his arms while your other hand held up the number four, answering his question.
Securing his thoughts from the previous night being correct, that something was wrong, he kissed your cheek sweetly. “We need to go in and get this checked out…”
Knowing that you had kept this from him for far longer than you should, you just nodded not wanting anything to happen to the babies.
“You okay to stay here a moment while I go get a coat and shoes for you?” He questioned not loosening his grip.
“I should be” You nodded back as your eyes slowly opened to your monster like reflection in the mirror.
“Okay” Baekhyun whispered as he gently began to release you from his grip, easing the weight back onto your feet, your hands grasped the edge of the counter as you nodded that you were fine.
Running off, he quickly pulled a zip up jacket of his, some sandals for you while he pulled on a hoodie and quickly slipped on some jeans and sneakers before coming back to you. Helping you place your arms through the jacket and slipping your feet into the sandals he wrapped his arm around you.
“Ready?” He questioned once he was in a position to keep you safe. Humming back in response, he began to walk at your pace, exiting the bathroom then the bedroom, then the house, he helped ease you into the passenger seat and buckled you in.
Leaning your seat back, he closed your door before trotting around the hood of the car before slipping behind the wheel. Pressing the start button of the car, he pulled his seatbelt over himself before he looked over at you. Seeing that you were declining fast, you kept your eyes closed, your head resting against the window. Slipping his hand into yours, he put the car in drive before heading off to the hospital as fast as he could.
Within a few minutes, you arrived under the overhang of the Emergency Room, two nurses and a doctor greeted you as they opened your door. Baekhyun quickly put the car in park as he opened the door for you. The male nurse carefully unbuckled you and lifted you out of the car with the help of Baekhyun. A female nurse held the wheelchair steady as the doctor asked some quick questions before rushing her inside.
Closing the passenger door, Baekhyun watched as you began to move further and further into the hospital. Walking around the car, he got behind the wheel as he prayed that you and the babies would be okay, with tears in his eyes he pulled his car into a parking spot before he allowed the threatening tears to fall from his eyes.
“Please, don’t take them from me” Baekhyun pleaded, allowing himself to let his emotions sweep through his body, he took a few deep breaths before he was ready to face reality. Wiping away his tears, he exited his car and locked it behind him before running into the Emergency Room. Trotting up to the front desk, he asked for your name and status. With a little searching, the receptionists asked him to sit and wait for you in the lobby.
Nodding his head a little, he turned around and headed to the couches to anxiously await any word on you. Staying close to the front desk, he grabbed himself a coffee from the cafe within the hospital. Pacing back and forth for a good hour, the doctor finally walked out and approached him. Standing to his feet, Baekhyun’s eyes widened ready to hear anything on your condition.
“She is very dehydrated and malnourished, we started her on an IV trying to get her rehydrated before we give her an anti-nauseating medication, then we will see if she will eat from there” The doctor explained.
“What about the babies?” Baekhyun questioned, relieved that you were being taken care of.
“We are going to have a doctor come down from the OGB/YN office and check the babies out. We can take you back if you would like” The doctor added as a nurse joined him in the waiting room.
“Yes, please” Baekhyun nodded as the nurse turned around, leading him to the room where you were staying.
“We will be in to check her after a little while, try not to disturb her” The nurse whispered as she opened the door for Baekhyun
“Thank you” Baekhyun whispered back before stepping into your room, his footsteps lightly tread over the tile floor while his eyes watched you laying in the bed, being outfitted in a gown with your hair still tied back from this morning.
Quietly taking a seat beside you, he pulled himself closer to you as his fingers gently brushed your skin softly letting you know that he was there. Listening to the monitors around you, he waited patiently for a while, the sun now proudly shining in the sky, while the shadows of the blinds cast across the tile floor in your room.
Dozing off in his chair with Baekhyun’s hand lightly resting in yours, you moved slightly causing him to wake and lean into you. Your hand rubbed your stomach gently before your eyes opened, blinking a few times, you cleared your vision before you looked around your darkened room.
“Baek?” You questioned before feeling his hand in yours, turning your head a bright, relieved smile proudly curled his lips away from his teeth.
“Hi yeobo” He whispered, his hand lacing with yours, “You doing okay?”
“Mhmm” You hummed, nodding your head against the pillow before a knock on the door and a woman in a white coat slipped through the door.
“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Byun. I am Dr. Kim and I will be checking to see how your babies are handling all of this” Her sweet smile gave you a sense of relief as her nurse pulled a monitor over as she grabbed the cool gel.
Lifting your gown up, she placed the cool gel on your stomach before moving the ultrasound across your stomach. With her eyes fixated on the screen while her hand moved the monitor around, you held onto Baekhyun’s hand slightly tighter as he held your hand back.
“Everything will be okay” Baekhyun tried to reassure you as your worried eyes met his calm ones.
Within a minute or two, the doctor placed the monitor back on the cart and wiped the excess gel from your skin.
“Would you two like the good or bad news first?” The doctor questioned, her bright smile was far gone from her lips.
“Bad news please” You whispered letting your eyes turn from your husband’s eyes to the doctor that faced both of you.
“You have a condition; it isn’t life threatening but it is serious and we need to do some things to ensure that you and your babies don’t have lasting effects.” The doctor explained
“W-What kind of condition is it?” Baekhyun questioned, one of his worst fears coming true.
“You have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, it occurs when there is severe, persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy—more extreme than “morning sickness.” This can lead to weight loss and dehydration and may require intensive treatment and is most common when carrying twins.” The doctor explained as your hormones started to get the best of you, causing tears to swell in your eyes.
“W-What’s the good news?” Baekhyun questioned feeling the familiar sting of tears in his eyes.
“We caught it just in time, and your babies are looking hungry” Her small smile curled on her lips, my nurse will hook you up to a monitor so we can make sure that the babies are doing well and I will be back in a while to check back up on them.
Standing to his feet, Baekhyun bowed and thanked her before she left the room, leaving her assistant to finish with hooking you up the monitors and machines.
“That’s good news” Baekhyun whispered, brushing his thumb across your fingers.
“I have a condition though…” You whispered gently
“But it is treatable and we caught it before it got too late” Baekhyun reasoned, seeing the nurse finish up before bowing and leaving the room. “Our babies are doing well too”
“I should have told you earlier…” You whispered as your bloodshot eyes peered into his.
“It’s okay” Baekhyun reassured knowing that you would beat yourself up more if he said anything else.
“Don’t you have to go to work today?” You questioned taking deep breaths as you felt the IV seep into your dehydrated tissues.
“I’m not going anywhere” Baekhyun gently leaned over and kissed your head, “I don’t want to be a drive away when you might need me”
“Need you? To do what?” You questioned, tilting your head to one side
“Anything, anything you or the babies need” Baekhyun whispered, his fingers tucking some fallen strands of hair behind your ear.
– Five months later –
Morning light poured in through the slats between the blinds, the sound of the heavy door opening then softly closing into the door frame slowly pulled you out of sleep while your eyes opened. Your head turning to see the visitor to your room, hearing the door open and close all throughout the night before, you smiled seeing this visitor in particular.
“Hi sweetheart” Your husband, Baekhyun cooed quietly while making his way across your hospital room to your bed.
“How are you feeling?” He inquired, pressing his hands into the mattress on either side of you, his lips pressing a soft kiss on your head.
“Much better, still tired though” You lifted your eyes to meet his, nodding with a smile he pulled up a chair next to you.
“I would be tired too” Baekhyun gently took your hand into his with a bright smile not leaving his lips.
“Have they told you how the little ones are doing?” You questioned softly hoping he heard something on their children.
“Not yet love, I am sure they are doing just fine though” Baekhyun tried to reassure you while his thumb slowly brushed across your knuckles.
“I’m just worried about them…” You trailed off, your eyes lowering to your free hand playing with the blanket that draped over your form.
“Mother’s always worry” He whispered gently, pressing another kiss on your cheek as your thoughts slowly turned to your babies that were born in the night.
Within a few minutes a nurse knocked on your door and stepped inside.
“Good morning” The nurse cooed as she moved over to your bed, picking up the chart that hung on the foot of the bed before flipping to the correct page and jotting down your vitals.
“Good morning” You whispered back, holding Baekhyun’s hand tighter in yours.
Silence filled the room as the nurse clicked her pen and jotted down the notes before clicking it again and sliding the pen into her chest pocket.
“D-Do you know when I can see my babies?” You questioned quietly, not wanting to step on any toes or ask too much.
“I will go ask for you” Giving you a sweet smile, she bowed and then left the room to ask your question.
Seemingly minutes ticked by before another knock was heard from the door, the same nurse smiled and slipped through the door as she made her way over to your bed.
“Would you like to see them? The doctor said that it would be okay” The nurse smiled as your spirits were instantly lifted and nodded your head happily.
Pulling a folded wheelchair from the corner of your room, she set it up as Baekhyun helped fold the blanket at your feet and turn your legs to hang off of the bed. Sitting upright you took a minute or two to get undizzy before moving into the wheelchair with the help of Baekhyun and the nurse.
Holding your IV bag, Baekhyun walked next to you while the nurse pushed you from behind, heading out the door of your room, you were pushed down a few hallways before another nurse opened a door for you. Pushing you into the smaller room, a few incubators were placed around the room as your heart began to beat faster, seeing all of the large machines and glass boxes that housed small babies around the room.
Pushing you up to two incubators that were relatively close to each other, the chair stopped as you peered through the glass at the little bodies that rested within. Taking in a deep breath, you looked up at Baekhyun as he saw the worry and concern within your eyes. Taking your hand into his, he held it tightly as the nurse from behind put the brakes on the wheelchair before heading over to the head nurse checking on a few babies across the room.
Taking in a deep breath, you turned your head and peered into one of the boxes, the little black hairs stood proudly up on the baby’s head while the long eye lashes fanned out from the closed eyes, the small fingers were curled against their palm while their chest slowly moved up and down with every breath. Following your eyes down their small form, you saw the sticky monitors pressed against their fresh skin while their diaper was the only thing on them at the moment. Their bare skin soaking in the heat lamp that radiated down on them from above.
Turning your head to the other side, you watched the other baby move it’s slips against one another, lifting their small hand and rubbing it against their face. The small pink lips parted in a yawn while the body tensed bringing the legs up off of the blanket below.
“Would you like to hold one?” The nurse questioned softly seeing you take in the sights.
“Yes please” You whispered wondering if the small babies before you were actually yours.
Nodding her head, the nurse carefully undid one of the boxes as she carefully wrapped the baby’s small body in a blanket before lifting the little one out of the glass enclosure before carefully transferring the small body into your arms. With the slight movements, the little one nuzzled against you, moving to find a comfy position.
Keeping your eyes down on the little life in your arms, a smile couldn’t help but form on your lips as Baekhyun pulled up a chair beside you. A euphoric feeling overwhelmed you, seeing the little creation between your arms, curled up against you as the little hand grabbed your hospital gown trying to pull you closer.
“Would you like to hold one too?” The nurse questioned, happy to see the babies recognizing you.
“M-Me?” Baekhyun questioned, pointing back to himself as you looked over at him, tearing your eyes away from the baby in your arms.
“Yes, you” You chuckled, teasing him as his cheeks began to blush, nodding his head shyly, the nurse prepared the other little baby before shuffling the small body into his arms.
“Are these our babies?” Baekhyun questioned, looking at you in disbelief
“I hope so” You whispered softly, leaning down ever so slowly and pressing a gentle kiss between the black hairs on the head of the baby you were holding.
“You have both a girl and a boy” The nurse smiled as you smiled down lifting your hand up and brushing your fingertip across the incredibly smooth skin just before the little being moved their hand and encased their small hand around yours.
“Which is a boy and girl?” You questioned looking up at the nurse as she smiled.
“Your husband is holding your little girl, and you are holding your son. Your daughter is older by two minutes” The nurse explains with a smile, “The boy is slightly smaller but nothing of concern. They are underweight by a little bit so that is why they are in here, otherwise they are perfectly healthy.”
Hearing her report brought tears to your eyes, with all of your medical complications, you were relieved and happy that you had healthy babies. The nurse left you two with a bow, allowing you to spend some time with your sleeping babies.
“Good job Mommy” Baekhyun leaned over slightly and whispered in your ear
“Thanks Daddy, you did a wonderful job too” You whispered, turning your head to press a soft kiss on his lips.
Too happy for words to express, with healthy children and a supportive and wonderful husband, you couldn’t help but be excited for the future to see what was in store for the four of you. Even though you wished that you could live in this moment for just a little longer.
Hearts entwined
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
lives entwined, two babies to love.
~Author Unknown