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Help for School Project

So hello peeps! I'm terribly sorry since I have not got on in a while, so I have been quite behind in the kpop world. Honors classes have me completely busy that I barely have time to drink a cup of coffee(I could make time but if I do, I fail and that's a big no for nerdy me XD). Also I do know many of you guys don't know me, simply because I never really posted anything (I'm pretty shy and get easily embarrassed [T_T] I'm kind of having a hard time writing this too XD

Well, I now need your help.

So my partner and I have a school project on entrepreneurship and we have decided to do an entertainment company \{^v^}/

We have decided to call our company JEI Entertainment :D

His name(Jason)+myname(lol I had to XD)(Estela)+International=
JEI Entertainment

The problem is that now we have to chose a name for the brand so in this case it would be the group that would debut in our company.

I legit became Satansoo because of him XD

We have only come to decide about how many members would the group have and what kind of group it would be (boy or girl). Which debating that was a big pain. >.<

So this is where you guys come in. *Drumroll*

We need a name for the group which we have decided would be a boy group with 6-9 members. Kind of wanted to make a girl group though but it's for the best(as in best grade)

After about two days, I will look at the names and make a poll for them and which ever is chosen will be the name of the fake group that would be for our project.

Thank you for your help guys also a quick reminder. This is only for our entrepreneurship project and not for an actual kpop group. (We sadly don't have that kind of money to actually do it XD but it would be awesome if we did)

Also one more thing, we have also chosen a few songs to show for the presentation and I'm pretty sure we will also make a poll for that too since we can't seem to chose XD but that will most likely be tomorrow since i'm pretty tired right now D:

Again thank you!

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Good luck
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