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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
Here is the winner and second place of the poll that I took:
Suga Part 3 (1st place)
Jin Part 4 (2nd place)
Here are the other parts to the Smut:
Here are the regular fanfiction parts if you missed any:
Warning: May contain cussing
Word Count: 1067
*Btw I had made put a big hit on who she is going to be with next in Part 3. Let me know, in the comments, if you caught it*

“I bet you’re a fan…” he said taunting me. “Now, how would you know if I’m a fan or not?” “You called Jimin, Oppa, but he never said his age...” “How do you know that I didn’t just do my research? Huh? You shouldn’t assume anything…” I replied. “Are you one of our fans?” Namjoon asked. I looked into his eyes, but I couldn’t lie to him. I sighed “Yes, I’m a fan, but I have a reason for hiding that I am…” I looked down ashamed with myself. “Who’s your bias?” Jimin shouted out. “And there’s the reason… I’m not going to say…” “I want to know to…” Tae whined. ‘God, Tae with the whine… kill me…’ “I said no,” I responded a bit harshly.
“Guys, leave her alone…” Jin tried to distinguish the flame before it got out of control, but then “No. I want to know…” Suga spouted off. I gave him a dirty look. I looked around and everyone including Jin were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for my answer.
“You know what? Why don’t we play a game? If I lose I will say my bias, if I win you have to drop the topic…” I announced. “Fine, but we get to choose the game…” Jimin proclaimed. “Fine, what game?” I asked. “Paper, rock, scissors?” Jungkook suggested. “What are the rules going to be?” I asked. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this, guys…” Namjoon said hesitantly. “No, let’s do this. How about we only go one round and whoever wins against me I will give them the order of where I like them out of all of you, but whoever loses doesn’t get to know? Sound fair?” ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this…’ “Okay, but you can’t lie…” Jimin stated. “Okay, you guys ready?” ‘Please don’t let him get it!’ I pleaded God in my head. “Paper… Rock…Scissors!” I put down rock. Thankfully Taehyung, Suga, J-hope and Jimin were the ones that beat me. I smiled, Jin was the only other one with rock. “I guess we go again,” I said to Jin. He nodded. “Paper…Rock…Scissors…” I put down scissors and he had paper. “Sorry guys,” “You better not lie!” Jimin threatened. “She’s smiling, she probably beat her bias…” J-hope replied. Jimin’s wide grin deflated.
“J-Hope guessed right… sorry guys…” I paused. I sighed “this is really weird; I don’t think I have ever would be doing this…” I glanced in Suga’s direction and he seemed a little upset. His eyes haven’t even met with mine for a few minutes’ now. “So, I will put you in order from one to seven. Seven being the last place…Tae…you’re in second,” I could feel Suga’s mood reflecting off of him. “Suga you’re in fourth, J-Hope you’re fifth and Jimin you’re sixth,” I said closing my eyes. “Then who’s first?” Jimin demanded. “No, more importantly who’s seventh place,” J-Hope asked confused. “To be honesty, I never wanted to put you guys in order. I have been a fan for so long…I love all you guys in different ways and all at once so that was the hardest thing for me to do,” I said. “I’m going to leave. I feel uncomfortable staying here after that, thank you for the food… um bye…” I practically ran out the door after grabbing my stuff. ‘What was I thinking? Why did I think that was a good idea? I shouldn’t have come here in the first place…’ these thoughts ran through my brain as I took the stairs down after opening the elevator to confuse any of them if they followed me.
Down a few flights of stairs, I heard the door slam open. “Ms. Smith!” Someone yelled as I continued to run to my room. I looked up for a brief second to see who it was. “Ms. Smith, please stop!” Namjoon’s head poking out to look down the stair well. I kept running and finally got to my floor. I was about to run pass the elevator before I was stopped by the rest of BTS stepping out in front of me. “Please just let me by,” I said out of breath. Namjoon came out of the stair well a second later “Not before we say our apologies,” I turned and glared at Namjoon. I could feel the tears in my eyes well up as I looked at him. I blinked and a hot tear ran down my cheek. “I’m good, thanks,” I replied trying to keep my voice form wavering, turned back around and made my way through the guys to get to my door. I didn’t even stop to look at them.
I let my back slide down the shut door and put my head in between my knees. I could hear them speak to each other as I sat there. “Was she crying?” “I told you that was a bad idea.” “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you wanted to know who her bias was, too.” “Yeah, but I didn’t want to make her cry…” the last voice was interrupted by a knock on my door and a piece of folded paper was slide under the door a few seconds later. “We should just go back upstairs and let her cool down.” I heard the elevator door shut, letting out ding at every floor, and the hall outside my door was quiet. I looked at the piece of paper that laid next to me. I picked it up and unfolded it and it read “I’m really sorry about earlier. I really think you’re cool and I’d like us to be friends…Will you meet me tomorrow in the practice room at 6 am? If you do bring workout clothes. You’re number two.” I really couldn’t but help to smile. It made me feel like I wasn’t too unwanted to be around him at least. It was 2 pm as I slowly started to work on the work I had to get done before Thursday.
It had only felt like an hour had gone by as I worked, but when I looked up to check the time it was 10 pm. I sighed debating on whether I should show up at 6 in the morning as he requested. After I got ready for bed, I sunk into the bed like I was wanting to merge with it to get away from the world.
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Was the hint, red converse, jeans and white t-shirt?! I'm on a binge reading marathon lol
this was good! when is 6 coming??
I'm hlad you liked it, Part 6 comes out on Nov 7 around 11
Oh no...I feel bad but hey who is number 1 if it wasn't suga...actually I have an idea but I'm not sure