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Daniel Henney - 1st Look Magazine Vol.52
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@NorskyDesierto @saharjalpari9 yeah it's that hot older guy look *o*
4 years ago·Reply
don't like pic 2 . Daniel is a very attractive man, there's no need for a cigarette. should not promote smoking. pic 7, not a great pose
4 years ago·Reply
@dramacrazy that's true, does he smoke IRL?
4 years ago·Reply
@beeonka, what's IRL? as a public figure, you should always try to be a role model, especially when you have lots of young people looking up to you, going crazy and most likely dreaming of you. research has proven that smoking causes cancer not only to the person smoking, but also to those around you. LMH stop smoking! you too Daniel Henney.
4 years ago·Reply
@dramacrazy i agree i hate it soooo much when these actors models supports smoking its just not right they shdnt do dat i hhate it yyyyyy do they do it i mean they are mkng money anyways nd we love them then y support smoking :-/
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