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@beeonka u shd definitely check it out i am thinking of making a card comparing both of them bcs i love them both i will make it soon thgh :-)♥
@saharjalpari9 hmm, i might have to check that out to change my mind! XD
@beeonka i used 2 think the same thing until i saw Kim bum long hair look on goddess of fire damn he looks handsome w those long hairs and song sung hoon in faith he looks soo good like an amazing fantasy character i love him u shd seriously ths 2 looks it change my thoughts i love men w long hairs now :-)♥
@saharjalpari9 yeah it did, to be honest I like longer hair on guys... as long as it's not past the shoulders ^^
@beeonka i love lee min ho OPPA w curly and long hairs i miss my daejang oppa this look this hair really suited oppa:-)♥
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