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where did he go?,never mind,he still cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always like his winter outfit
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oh dis pic is soooo damn cute its like oppa saw a fan that he wanted 2 greet or may be somebody he knew soo cute OPPA i can only dream OPPA wd be soo happy 2 c me like and wd greet me like dat i love u oppa oppa expression is just soo damn cute in dis pic :-)♥:-)
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Miss you Seung Gi! hope to see you again in drama.
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@saharjalpari9 u should go to great him before enlist to army
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OMG! it means will see him again in 2 yrs..My innocent man is inside already and now Kang Chi. hope they are not going yet, Jang Geun Suk, No Min Woo, Jo Woon, Kim Yun Jung and Lee Min Hoo.
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