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Kang takes Yeo to sit on the rocks near a river. At the lake, Yeo asks Kang why he is afraid of spiders and he tells her its because it has a lot of legs. Kang then asks her if she remembers when he told her that he’d make her his bride. Realization dawns on her and she asks when he remembered. Kang: “From the moment I knew you were Dam Yeo Wool.” Yeo: “But, why didn’t you say anything?” Kang: “Because you already started having meaning for me. Will you marry me?” damn, his one eyed crying again. It’s so freakin’ distracting. Yeo: “I can’t even make good rice.” Kang: “Will you marry me?” Yeo: “Not only that, I’m terrible at sewing.” Kang: “Will you marry me?” Yeo tells him that she doesn’t want to be a sad memory to him and Wish #3: She wants him to be happy whenever he thinks of her.
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miz u both,,mwahhh