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The Soompi Team headed over to the National Theater of Korea on the evening of September 5 to attend Seoul International Drama Awards 2013. It was great that we got to see some Soompiers at the event as well! This year marked another tough year for the judges with record-breaking submissions totalling 225 from 48 countries. There were a few special performances lined up from idol groups to solo singers in between announcing the different categories. Winners TV Movie Silver Bird Prize- Welcome and…Our Condolences (Israel) Golden Bird Prize- The Jewish Cardinal (France) Mini-Series Silver Bird Prize- The Half Brother (Norway) Golden Bird Prize- Generation War (Germany) Best Director- Philipp Kadelbach (Generation War/Germany) Best Screenwriter- Lars Lundstrom (Real Humans/Sweden) Special Prize- Hello, New York (Kyrgyzstan), The Perfect Day (South Korea) Outstanding Korean Drama OST- Kim Jae Joong ”Living LIke a Dream” (Dr. Jin) Outstanding Korean Drama- Yawang Excellent Korean Drama- Arang and the Magistrate Outstanding Korean Actor- Lee Jun Ki (Arang and the Magistrate) Outstanding Korean Actress- Bae Suzy (Gu Family Book) The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year- Mistresses (USA) People’s Choice China- Nicky Wu (The Chinese Detective) Japan- Ren Kiriyama (Switch Girl 2) Taiwan- Ya Chi Hsu (Are You Christine?) Korea- Yunho (Yawang) Best Actor- Lee Moon Shik (Sanggwon/South Korea) Best Actress- Lucy Liu (Elementary/USA) Series/Serial Silver Bird Prize- The Chaser (South Korea) Golden Bird Prize- Grand Hotel 2 (Spain) Grand Prize- Prisoners of War: Season 2 (Israel) Next: Performances during the Awards Ceremony