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Recent Hot Kpop MVs!

Annyeonghaseyo! (In my Baekhyun's voice) this is KPopINT's sweetheart of a reporter @parktaemi !! I want to go over some recent kpop music videos that just came out as of lately; So let's get it!~ *\^-^/*

Black Pink - Stay + Playing With Fire

Black Pink is back with their second mini album, "Square Two", along with releasing their two title tracks, "Stay" and "Playing With Fire"; which was all released on November 1 KST. "Stay" is a smooth and chilled song. Honestly, it kinda touched me. "Playing With Fire" on the other hand, it's sexy! The girls really slayed xD it was hot and the dance was on point.

Seventeen - Hip Hop Team - Mixtape ~ Check-In

I know this was very exciting and unexpected for the Carats. The hip hop team of Seventeen released their first mixtape and released their music video "Check-In" on November 1 KST. It's catchy and dope. They all look so adorable too! Mingyu's hair is brighter than my future lol. I hope to hear more from the hip hop team :)

Hyolyn Featuring Jay Park - One Step

Hey this is actually a cute collab :D Their voices together are perfect! I like the MV, it's cute. This was released November 1 KST. It seems like Jay Park is really busy these days because he keeps coming out with new music lol take a break will ya! It's bad enough we can't keep up with all these comebacks right? lol

EXO - CBX ~ Hey Mama!

Finally, EXO's first sub-unit is here! CBX ~ Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. Simple right? Anyway CBX made their official debut and released their music video "Hey Mama!" on October 31 KST. They look so handsome and classy! The beat, dance, vocals, rap, everything is perfect. Well done CBX, you guys nailed it! Xiumin's green hair is life, red haired Baek is hot, & I like Chen's new hairdo, it's nice on him. It looked like they had a lot of fun, I'm glad :) This song is kinda catchy too! I can't wait to hear more from CBX, it's going to be awesome!

VIXX - The Closer

VIXX, the kings of dark concepts, released their new music video, "The Closer" on October 31 at midnight KST, that being the final installment of their โ€œVIXX 2016 Conceptionโ€ trilogy, โ€œKratos". They all look so handsome! Their dance is unique and cool, and the song is pretty chilled. The music video is a little weird because they were floating lol but nevertheless it was dope! I love that VIXX always come out with different concepts and styles, they are amazing!

Block B - Bastarz ~

Selfish & Beautiful Girl +

Make It Rain

Block B's sub-unit, Bastarz is back with their second mini album โ€œWelcome 2 Bastarzโ€ on October 31 at midnight KST. Their single "Selfish & Beautiful Girl", which was released on October 24 KST. It's a catchy and fun song. The music video is funny and has a retro feel to it. In the MV, you see P.O, B- Bomb, and U-Kwon dancing and singing in a game just like "Just Dance", it's really cool xD the girl is dancing and all but she's so distracted, she left the water on in the sink so it's overflowing, she burnt her toast, and she's making a lot of noise to the point P.O can't take it anymore lol. But yeah it's a groovy song/mv. Now with their other single, "Make it Rain", it's really dope and hype! This was released October 31 KST. They look like total bad boys and not afraid to make it raiiinn! xD Bastarz style! Bastarz made their debut on April of 2015 with โ€œZero for Conductโ€.

Twice - TT

Ayye! Our girls made a cute comeback with "TT", which was released October 24 KST; along with their mini album, โ€œTWICEcoaster: Lane 1,โ€ and achieved an all-kill with their title track โ€œTT.โ€ The MV is like Halloween themed. They all look so adorable in their costumes haha. Their songs are always catchy, fun, and cute!

Jay Park - All I Wanna Do + Me Like Yuh

Jay Park recently released his music video for "All I Wanna Do" featuring Hoody and Loco. Many has missed Jay Park's dancing and look at him move! As usual his songs are dope! "Me Like Yuh" is really catchy and sexy! both songs were released around October 25-26th. Jay sure know how to make some good music with his sexy butt!

[SM Station] Yoon Do Hyun, Reddy, G2, Inlayer, and Johnny - Nightmare

Ooohkay! I just randomly came across this video and um I didn't know what to expect lol. It's called "Nightmare". It was released October 27. I was curious so I clicked on it. I thought I wouldn't like it? But I do :D This song is obviously Korean Rock music. I like Rock music so you put that together, K-Rock and it's amazing! I never heard anything like this. The rap in here is beautiful too! I was suprised that this was coming from SM but the thing is they don't just stick to one type of genre and that's a good thing. I think I want to look forward to them more. If you guys haven't checked this MV out yet, go ahead! it's awesome! And yes that's our Johnny in there. I see he's doing different things, hence why he haven't debuted yet? SM needs to stop playing games and debut Johnny! what are you waiting for seriously?! Anyway he looks so good โ™ก Well check this out and tell us about it!

Lay - Lose Control

Lay recently released his first mini album "Lose Control", along with the title track "Lose Control" on October 28 KST. As usual, Lay is always killing us with his sexy moves and his voice! When I watched this, I fangirl so hard, I almost cried lol like I kept fanning myself. This guy.. I can't ใ…  I felt like I was melting or something. Is that even possible? lol! Anyway everything was hot and Lay is just amazing! Best believe I lost control because my soul left my body and came back ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹
One more thing, Look forward to Taeyeon's new single/ music video "11:11" that's going to be released November 1 at 11 PM KST. Check out this teaser video if you haven't yet. I can't wait!
Well that's all for now! Tell us what's your favorite recent jams in the comment section below! This has been your favorite reporter @parktaemi :) Annyeong!โ™ก *Videos and gif does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners. Cover photo made by me :)
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