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they still look gorgeous even when their tongue is out like that...lol and who does it best? for me LMH looks best but love Kim Jae Wok.. Song Joong Ki and Yoo ah In... they are daebak!! 1. LMH 2. KJW 3. SJK 4. YAI 5. KHJ 6. PYC 7. YSH 8. JW 9. TOP 10. L
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am sorry but yoo ah in nd kim hyun joong are kyeopta
4 years ago·Reply
I love them all specially lee min ho&kim hyun joong
4 years ago·Reply
lee min ho is the best ^^
4 years ago·Reply
Vampire lee min ho :)
3 years ago·Reply
Lee min ho
3 years ago·Reply