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handsome even when their eyes are closed
who looks so divine even when their eyes are closed...? for me, it's still is LMH, jang geun suk and yoo seung ho...^^ 1. lee min ho 2. jang geun suk 3. yoo seung ho*** 4. kim hyun joong 5. song joong ki 6. jung il woo 7. nickhun thanks to @stephiikins for correcting my list?
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@suranimh u have 2 watch i miss u yoo seung ho the cutie looks really cute w their eyes close and u will seriously love his acting and the show is just amazing 2 u shd watch it :-)
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@suranimh no doubt lmh oppa is the best :-)
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@saharjalpari9 woa...stay calm dear, i can see how much u love 'i miss u' and so strongly recommended, ok will view the drama. tks!
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for me it's LMH and JIW
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1. lee min ho & 3. yoo seung ho***
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