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Okay so took me a while to recap the whole episode because SO much happen that it just blew my mind! I have to say though this episode was AMAZING! Although I'm sad there was no preview, but it's okay... 1) When Tae told Joong the story of the wolf and goat I thought it was cute how he was like so what happen to the goat? And she told him that the goat told the wolf to eat him/her and he was like that goat is crazy...hahaha... 2) Then BOOM we find out that the wedding is just a set up marriage that is only for business reasons (Heck yeah!) but Joong doesn't want to tell Tae this... 3) There was also that cute scene where KW try to push his fears aside and help her look for the ghost even though he was scared as heck! 4) So much happens but I'm going to skip to the ending because that (in my opinion) was the best part of the whole episode...Joong is in a restaurant and he's talking to his ex-fiance and she tries to persuade him to keep the wedding going, but he refuses! Then as he is walking out of the restaurant he sees Tae with his friends...then we hear tell the story of how she met Joong, but in romantic way. Joong then comes and pets/smooth her hair and rest his hand on her shoulder and he tells that he just came from breaking the wedding off and that she has to take responsibility! And I love when he was like "My baby, come with Oppa!" Aweeee faint!!!!! 5) Then he drags her outside and then BOOM he confess to her that he thinks he's in love with and ask her what is she going to do about that because she told him that for now on she will take in charge... Overall I have to say the ending was huge cliff hanger that I'm going crazy to see the next episode! So since there was no preview that means we are left to guess what will happen on the next episode...what do you think will happen?
@evel.... hahaha... me too.. i love that scene and i love secretary kim for saying that.. i guess that goaded joong won to act like that...
Yeah it's really cute how he is playing cupid, because he even plan the dinner to be at the same place where Tae had her reunion then he mentions that KW was coming to be by Tae and that all her friends will be jealous that she has such a tall and handsome boyfriend by her, almost die of laughter he's awesome!
You can tell he felt bad because later he told Tae i'm on your side ...... secretary Kim not bad to on ones side (match maker)
I bet secretary Kim felt bad, but he couldn't say anything. I agree I lo e episode 10 too! The ending was just perfect that I'm sad there's no preview!!
loved episode 10
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