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FREE ova🌊💚💙💛❤ Warning Spoilers if you haven't watched it!!! 2 of 3

OMG!!! this thing was awesome it was full of emotion haha. like a movie. Btw Nagisa kicks butt!!! also he looks so cool here.
These two...good Lord lol just so much and Haru's little smirk
Sousuke ran out of water if it wasn't for Haru he would of been out.
What a guy!!!
in the end it was Rin and Haru. Rin moves away and Haru...well isn't a quiter when it comes to water water. I guess Haru was just at his limit with water. lol
couple misc.
@midnightskieslo lol ikr. i love it. like they were actually killing each other lol
😂😂 This was one of my favourite moments in Free!. The way they made it was so serious. I love it! 😂❤❤
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