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these guys are so handsome to the point of being beautiful...lol 1. lee jun ki 2. lee min ho 3. jang geun suk 4. no min woo 5. song joong ki 6. heechul 7. yoo seung ho
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Add a comment in [English]They are the guys that can pass for girls here but I disagree on Lee Min Ho... he is a Handsome men!
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@007gabriela i completely agree w u on dat my LMH OPPA is the manliest handsome OPPA :-)♥
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personally speaking as i saw him already.. yes he is manly but as i said in this picture... he definitely belongs here..
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#2 for me is the number one.
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the arrangement is so true... #1... Lee Jun Ki #2... Lee Min Ho #3... Jang Keun Suk
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