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Hand-held Metal Detector Will Be a Good Choice

Why the hand held metal detector is the cheap metal detector? Firstly, of course, it is small. Hand held detectors are used to check the specific location of the person carrying the metal, but also with the use of a metal detector gate, when the "X-ray baggage inspection system" Alarm found metal objects, using hand-held metal detectors can be found in possession of the exact location of metal objects. Using a rectangular metal detector sensor head, the probe head 12 cm, while checking the body, from top to bottom once completed inspection. Next, I will introduce to you the use classification of the parcel scanner.
1. Use classification
(1).Public safety inspection
Such as airport security, prisons, courts, to test homes, banks, hotels, conferences, sports competitions, concerts and other public places security.
(2). Factory anti-theft
Many plant products containing metal cost, enterprise products factory in order to prevent the loss of important workshops, entrance by the security staff to be checked.
(3). x ray scanning machine baggage
In recent years, the college entrance examination, graduate exams, such as the civil service exam candidates to prevent cheating and other portable wireless headsets tools, each exam will configure some hand-held detectors. Many provincial education systems across the country have a configuration of such products.
For the time being, I introduce the use classification of this cheap metal detector to you. Now, I think you have known something about hand held metal detector well. However, this is not all of it. You should have known about it. So let me introduce more to you.
2. Features
(1).Operating simply and conveniently
(2). Non-slip grip part design, easy to work
(3). Operating without direction --- when metal is detected, both sides may be issued a red alert lights
(4). Low battery consumption --- standby current is zero, the work is less than 1mA
(5). High accuracy and sensitivity --- can accurately detect small metal objects (0.1g or even smaller)
(6). It will produce different alarm tones according to the size of the metal, in a noisy environment can be an external headset
Above all, I believe that I have introduced the x-ray security machines detector exhaustive. However, the above only as a reference, not all of these features are the hand-held metal detectors; each will have their own outstanding features.
Maybe, someone will say that the cheap metal detector don't have many places to use it before I introduce above all. As far as I am concerned, after you read what I introduce, you will have a new concept about the hand held metal detector.
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