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And at that I start my second year of living in the buzz of Manhattan. 'Leaving' my family in Long Island is a little sad, their company compares to no other. Though even as I am only an hour away, the city teaches you a strong sense of independence. Sometimes that independence can be mistaken as loneliness. But it takes strength to realize what Manhattan is constantly trying to teach you: if you want something, you have to get it yourself. Nobody will do it for you. Many will ignore you; few may help (cherish the people that do). I don't believe either than the ignorance is malicious– it is more a matter of people fending for themselves and all trying to attain an ultimate goal. That's the real world. What results is the anxiety and the energy of NYC, in which keeping yourself on track can be difficult. Thus you get the frantic, sleepless New Yorker. Some may call us crazy; we say life is too short to slow down. With that aside, above contains a photo diary of my transition into Manhattan: (in order of photos on my blog: - The beaches of Asharoken - Port Jefferson - Sunsets and dog walks with my best friend - Oheka Castle trip with Mai - The Charlie Chaplin room of Oheka Castle - More Oheka gardens - Second day back: Bubble tea trip with Julia - Kung Fu tea trip with Mina and Maha - Canal Street Outings - Last trip back home to see my grandparents and have Long Island crabs on the water of my mother's mentors' house. - I mean, imagine waking up to that everyday - Back to Manhattan: an early morning run to Chelsea Park - Washington Square Park Street Art - Union Square Station - Union Square at night - Washington Square Park At this point I can say I'm quite settled in and excited to start this year. Anxious as I normally am, but excited to work hard and get myself going again. I want to meet new people and see places in NYC that I have never seen before. And of course, keep updating and documenting my endeavors... whatever those may be. For more photos please visit: