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A few months ago I visited a friend living in Georgia and she took me to Stone Mountain, a national park. Naturally I'm thinking we gonna go hiking up a mountain with steep hills, rocks, dirt, and trees but I was wrong. Stone mountain is literally nothing but a ginormous stone mountain. What's unique about it is the carving of three figures of the Confederate Generals: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. We rode the cable car to the top instead of hiking up like I had wanted because my friend wasnt fond of hiking and plus it was extremely hot that day (*_*)
@casey yes, you're right abt that b/c I'm here visiting my gf and we went there tubing/sleding and playing with fake snow it was funnnnn!!!
at night they do a lazor show and in the winter they fill it with fake snow to board. awesome place. might head over there right now lol
* it is
@YinofYang yup u must it issue really beautiful !!!Callie @cheerfulcallie am I right ???^_~
It's amaizng to me that there's a place like that there. I definitely want to see it if I'm in the area.
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