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HAHA! Yong is indeed a dancer! =)) His moves are really unique.. He's the only one who can do his dance steps. He's always hyper in singing this song during their encore. :)) DAEBAK!
YONGHWA!! he really makes my heart skip a beat everytime he sings.... love their performance.. yeah.. they always perform with full of energy but this is the first time i saw yonghwa do a popping dance like that...hahaha... so cute!! JONGHYUN had a great change in him... he's oozing with confidence now and he looks sexy.. MINHYUK always looks cool on his drums... JUNGSHIN.. looks great on bass..
@nylamrehs quite an observer and u r rite, these cnblueboys r adore! one of the kind.
:) and because their music is unique, they rose to stardom pretty quickly.. and i guess their leader's voice is just so awesome and the way he handles himself makes every girl just go crazy for him...
so charismatic our YongHwa
I'm totally nuts about CNBLUE. forever and ever. they are so perfect in every way. so talented so humble so handsome.