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Jang Geun Suk confidently says that he is the prettiest man in Asia! Well you can't blame him, he is after all really good looking and a great actor! As he was being interview he jokingly said that he thought he was the prettiest man in Asia. Hahaha silly Jang Geun Suk!
i like it :) i agree
@duaaazzawi i agree w u dats y he is called the "prettiest" he is just sooo pretty dat he is even really feminine lookin dats y it took me a while 2 like him hehe he is just 2 pretty 4 me but as i got 2 knw him i like him more he is really shweet and i like him as an actor and a singer oppa is really the prettiest ;-)♥
its true , and he is a good actor . he can act his role naturally .. i love you jang geun suk :)
yup!! that's him...
He's adorable! >\\\< And his voice is just mind blowing. Haha.
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