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#ParkShinHye in Los Angeles for The #Heirs shooting...she just updated her twitter a while ago [English Translation 09/08 @ssinz] Feels great to see the vast sky. All I see in front of me is the sky.ahh going to get totally sunburned. I already feel that I am. Feel the sun coming thru the umbrella. "@ssinz: 하늘이 정말 커서 기분이 좋았다. 그냥 앞을 보고있는데도 하늘이보인다.. 아.. 엄청 타겠다...벌써 탄 것 같다..ㅠㅠ 햇빛이 우산을 뚫고 들어오는것 같다 http://t.co/dQQL0N6znl" Translated by:: ParkShinHye_IFC
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Put lots of sunblock!