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Video 1: Luck to Reggie Wayne for the TD! Video 2: Luck to Dwayne Allen for the TD! Video 3: Darren McFadden powers his way in for the TD! Video 4: Andrew Luck Scrambles for the TD! Video 5: Pryor Throws to Moore for the TD and the Raiders take the lead! Video 6: Pryor Leads a Valiant Comeback Effort But Gets Picked Off to End the Game
I think we have some upsets in the making this season
@Watkins1 Yeah I was a little disappointed. I was really pulling for Pryor on that last drive. Would have been upset of the week!
definitely, I think it was a good move bringing in the GM and the head coach we have now. I believe they will have us on the right track soon. plus with more game time experience pryor will be the quarter back we been missing because we could have beat the colts.
@Watkins1 For sure... sad thing is the rebuilding just started. But hey at least they wised up now and realized they had to blow up the team. Hopefully McFadden holds up this year also, or else Pryor will REALLY need to carry the team. I'm excited for the Raiders in a couple years!
yeah I agree, I've been a Raiders fan for ever and it seems like we've been rebuilding every year since the sb but u can only be down for so long right.
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