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DETAILS HERE.. Who want to see LEE MIN HO FILMING IN L.A When: Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 Description: THE HEIRS UNDER PERMIT: F00068691 LOCATION: 506 S Grand Ave PREP DATE(S): N/A FILMING DATE(S): 09/11/2013 FILMING HOUR(S): 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM Source. Finally some actual information about Heirs filming in LA. This address is the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, though who knows if it is indoors or outdoors filming, and you may want to expect standing outside and not seeing anything. >.> I would hazard to guess this is going to concern at least either Kim Woo Bin or Kim Ji Won, (or both or more of the cast), since it is a hotel, and they鈥檙e both connected to hotels. image (PS: If I find any more Heirs filming permit information, I will post it. :) But this was all that was listed that I found so far. *off to look for more*). E MIN HO filming Heirs in LAX.. CR to this link..
still struggling minho, good luck.
Oh yeah .. Its a Holiday in the US that day..
@mheekell thanks for the update. would minho be alright then? its 9 11 day...
good job,thanks too you!
Ur welcome Love馃挊 #Dramacrazy
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