4 years ago1,000+ Views (Check out our experience and review at the above link ^_^) We're at "Haru" in New Malden again today. This time, we took one of our workmates, who never had korean food and turned her into a fan ^__^! N look how EMPTY our plates are in the after-pic! It would be an understatement to say that we were FULL lol! As usual, I couldn't leave New Malden without getting a packet of Pepero and I even found a new flavour - hollow ones filled with chocolate ..hmmm..yum. I still prefer my usual hazel nut one though :p! I also bought pancake batter mix and frozen dumpling to try out at home :D! FYI, New Malden is a Korea town in London. It's a bit of a trek to go there because it's not central London but the Korean food there is definitely worth the travel. Haru is a really nice and authentic restaurant in New Malden. The food there tastes really delicious and home-made and the price is very affordable
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woaah baschdaa :D
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