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Video 1: The Eagles commit the backwards pass for the Redskins TD! Video 2: Alfred Morris fumbles his first carry of the game! Video 3: Vick connects with Desean Jackson for the Touchdown! Video 4: The Redskins commit a safety! Video 5: Vick Connects with TE Brent Celek for the TD! Video 6: Vick takes it in himself for the TD! Video 7: Cary Williams with the sweet diving interception! Video 8: LeSean McCoy scores the TD! Video 9: Alfred Morris scores a TD to lead the comeback!
RG3 needs to carry my fantasy team tomorrow!
cant wait for this tonight
@DanteL Feel bad for you. He started off BAD but at least he picked it up in the end. Should be good for next game.
RG3 was shit last night, had maybe 1 good pass at the end