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Video 1: The Eagles commit the backwards pass for the Redskins TD! Video 2: Alfred Morris fumbles his first carry of the game! Video 3: Vick connects with Desean Jackson for the Touchdown! Video 4: The Redskins commit a safety! Video 5: Vick Connects with TE Brent Celek for the TD! Video 6: Vick takes it in himself for the TD! Video 7: Cary Williams with the sweet diving interception! Video 8: LeSean McCoy scores the TD! Video 9: Alfred Morris scores a TD to lead the comeback!
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RG3 needs to carry my fantasy team tomorrow!
4 years ago·Reply
cant wait for this tonight
4 years ago·Reply
@DanteL Feel bad for you. He started off BAD but at least he picked it up in the end. Should be good for next game.
4 years ago·Reply
RG3 was shit last night, had maybe 1 good pass at the end
4 years ago·Reply