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Kim Jong Kook Has Had Enough Of People Judging Him For Not Serving In The Military Soompi

Kim Jong Kook took to his Instagram on November 4 to finally speak out about all the criticism and doubt he has faced since his decision in 2006 to become a public service worker instead of enlisting in the military for his mandatory national service. The issue was brought up again when Kim Jong Kook posted a photo of his back after a workout session late at night on November 3. He posted an X-ray of his back and said, in order to finally lay everyone’s misunderstandings to rest, “Ever since high school when I collapsed because of back pain, I’ve had scoliosis.. People say, ‘How can he make that kind of body with his back issues?'” “I made [this body]. No, I’m still making it,” said Kim Jong Kook, “because I have to do something to support my curved spine.. When all the wimps go blabbing about how it’s impossible and then go out drinking and comfortably go home to their warm beds.. I’m gritting my teeth, sleeping less, living like this. People will definitely say, ‘Please, does that make sense?’ But let’s not be like this.” He said, “I know that when others achieve something that you deemed impossible from the start, it’s easy for you to put them down to make yourself feel better.. But even now, let’s just try starting something that we once thought was impossible. The happiness of doing something that others thought would never happen.. Let’s experience that just once. I’m saying this because it’s pitiful.”
I agree. my husband has a severe curvature I. the lower lumbar section of his back... that's the small or bend of the back at the waist. and his flare up actually contort his spine to the shape of an "S" it's excruciating and hurts me because I cannot do anything for him... so yes, he is right in choosing a service that is indicative for his health... I PRAISE HIM FIR HIS CHOICE, HIS SERVICE, AND HIS LOYALTY TO COUNTRY AND SELF! stay healthy and get stronger, for the Good of your spirit, and the whole of the country! #ILuvKorea!
i had scoliosis at a young age and got the surgery for it because it was so bad. His spine may not be as curved so he doesn't need the surgery BUT his spine can ALWAYS get worse over time if he doesn't take care if it (which is what he is doing). keep in mind... the older you get, the more painful that surgery will be. living with a curved spine is painful and scarry because you never know what can happen. it's mentally and physically strenuous and I'm speaking from experience. For amyone reading this post and thinking he still should have enlisted, keep what I've said in mind.
I have it too.
He fullfilled his duty as a Korean citizen. Public service workers spend a longer time...up to 3 yrs.
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