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Become Someone (Part 6)

Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of.
Jihye's POV: "Why is a vampire here?" My eyes widened not only because of what he said, but because I finally recognized them. Right as I recognized them, the woman's eyes turn a royal blue color. While the man continues to stare at me. Jess looks at me with wide eyes as well. "She's a vampire too?" She says as she points at me but looks at the man and women. Let me tell you this. The woman, yoongi's mom, is a vampire. A ruler of vampires to be exact. She's one of the most powerful vampires, and the fact that she's a woman is something to look at. Most female vampires are limited to powers, strength, and such. But the woman standing right in front of me is the strongest woman you'll ever meet. The man next to her isn't a vampire but a mere human. I can smell his human scent. A lot of vampires were against her marrying a human, but no one dared to say that to her face. My jaw dropped slightly and I noticed that she was ready to lunge at me. A minute later, she did. The man tried grabbing her arm, but was too late. She punched me hard in the stomach and I went flying back. I hit the wall pretty hard that I coughed up a little bit of blood. She continued running towards me, but then she came to a halt. She stood there with furrowed eyebrows as she looked at me. With my hand on my stomach, I slowly got up from where I landed, and stared at her with my, I guess, royal blue eyes as well. "Another ruler?" She said quietly. She had such a nice soft voice and soft features on her face. She looks innocent and far from a vampire who can kill you in one punch. You'd never imagine that this woman would be the strongest vampire or just even a vampire. I slowly stood up and looked into her eyes. She stayed quite for a couple minutes before she ran towards me again. I prepared myself in case I needed to fight her, but instead she hugged me. I gasped and I immediately became confused. "Wow, I never met another woman ruler before. This is so exciting! I thought I was the only woman" she said as she put both her hands on my cheeks and studied my eyes as if to see if it was really real. The man came up to her from behind and placed a hand on her shoulder. "We should probably introduce ourselves" he said. "Ah, that's right. I'm Gyeong and this is my husband Chang-min." Gyeong grabbed my hand and shook it. "Ah, I'm Ji-Hye. Nice to meet you" I said, meanwhile all this was still processing in my head. Jess came up to me and studied me. "I should've known. You picked up Yoongi easily meanwhile I struggled with him. You're really strong" she said. "Where is Yoongi?" "He's unconscious" I say finally. Gyeong looked at me with wide eyes. "What happened?" She asked. I explained to Gyeong what happened and her eyes widen even more at the name of 'Leo.' "Hold on. He was punched by Leo?! That idiot is going to get it once I see him again. Not only for hurting my son, but for trying to hit on you and keep you to himself. Well then again, I can't blame him either. You're a beautiful girl with gorgeous hair. Different shades of blue. I never seen hair like this before" Gyeong said while playing with my hair. In awe with the colors. "Wait, didn't you say that his parents left him behind?" I say, looking at Jess, ignoring Yoongi's mom tugging my hair. Gyeong stopped playing with my hair and looked at Jess with furrowed eyebrows. Chang-min did the same. Jess started fidgeting awkwardly. "um, you see, that was a lie. I just wanted to make things a little more dramatic. Sorry??" "Sorry??" Gyeong repeated. Jess cleared her throat and said that she'd go and make their tea's. Gyeong sighs. She takes a seat on her couch and so does Chang-min. Gyeong motions me to sit down as well. I do as I'm asked and sat across from them. "I'm sorry about her. Although, It's true that we're barley here. Being a ruler isn't very easy. There's a lot of meetings to go to and such, so me and his dad are rarely here" She says with a sigh. I slightly nod. All of a sudden it gets quiet. Then a question popped up in my head. "Um, I know this isn't any of my business, but is it true that Jess always had a crush on Yoongi?" I ask. Gyeong nods. "It's true, but we cannot allow it." I furrow my eyebrows. "Why? Isn't your husband human?" I say, all of a sudden feeling confused. Chang-min looked at me. "Although you do have a point there. We still cannot allow her seeing my son. The reason why was because in order to continue for me and Gyeong to be together, we promised our people that we'd marry our son to a vampire" He explained. "But wait, isn't Yoongi human as well? What's wrong with marrying to a human?" "Well, yoongi is human, but half vampire as well" Chang-min explained. My eye's widened. "Half vampire?!" I say out loud. Gyeong shushes me and I cover my mouth. "That's right. He inherited half of my vampire blood and half human blood." I lean back on the couch and let out a little laugh. "So, why hasn't he--" before I can continue. Yoongi emerges from the hallway and rubs his eyes. He looks at me and then at his parents. He ignores his parents and looks at me. "What happened to me? I thought I was saving you from a guy who was trying to take you away" he says while scratching his head. He squinted his eyes and tried to recall what happened. "You got punched by the man and you were knocked out. I called the police and they arrested him" I say. Yoongi stares at me and frowns. "So... I didn't look manly? I got knocked out?" He clicked his tongue and groaned, "Man, I thought I would manly, but to get knocked out?" Gyeong stares at me and then at Yoongi. She points at us. "Are you two dating?" She asks with wide eyes. Yoongi's cheeks turn red while I chuckle, but I shake my head. "No, we're not dating" I say. Gyeong stares at me for a couple of minutes before her eyes go wide again. I fidgeted where I was sitting and cleared my throat. I was a little weirded out by how tense she was staring at me. All of a sudden she grabs both my shoulders and gets too close to my face. "I just got an idea!" She says loudly. "W-What is it?" I say, all of a sudden getting a bad feeling in my gut. "How about you date Yoongi!" Everything goes silent for a while before we hear something crash to the ground. Gyeong finally moved away from my face and turned around. I looked where the crash came from and see Jess. Her eyes were filled with hurt and anger. I look down at the ground and see that she dropped the tea. The cups were all broken now and tea was spilt everywhere. "Jess..." Gyeong said. I sensed guilt in her voice when she said her name. Jess's was crying and she eventually ran out of the living room. Chang-min gets up from his spot when Gyeong stopped him and told him that she'll talk to her. She followed after Jess and I sat there feeling shitty. I know that it wasn't my fault, but, the fact that Jess liked Yoongi and having his mom and dad reject her love towards Yoongi, and then all of a sudden Yoongi's mom declared that I date him. She must've felt heart broken and filled with sadness. I let out a sigh and shake my head. Chang-min must've noticed my guilt and patted my head. I looked up at him and see him smiling at me. "Don't feel guilty." Was all he said before going to direction both Jess and Gyeong went. I was left alone with Yoongi who was staring at me now. I ignore his presence and get up from the couch to pick up the broken pieces of the cups. "You don't have to bother with that. Just call a maid over and they'll clean it" Yoongi said. I ignored him and continued to pick up the pieces. That was until I cut my finger. A bit of blood dripped off my finger and Yoongi must have noticed it since he ran to my side. I stayed in the same position I was in, not caring that I was bleeding from my finger. While Yoongi panicked. I put a hand on Yoongi's shoulder and raised my finger to his face. He furrowed his eyebrows until he saw for himself how quickly I recovered. There was no cut on my finger anymore. It was like I never even had a cut on my finger in the first place. Yoongi looked at me. Again, with those eyes. I smiled sadly to myself. How pathetic I am. I still cared what others think of me. I still cared and felt hurt when they looked at me like I was a monster. "You're afraid aren't you?" I say quietly. "H-How did you do t-that?" "Do you think I'm a monster?" "What are you?" I reach out and grab a broken piece of the tea cup. I placed the broken tea cup on the sharpest side onto my palm. I cut my palm and I start to bleed, but just seconds later, the cut on my palm began to heal quickly. "This is why I told you to stop following me," I say getting up from my spot, "I'm not normal, alright? You'll only think of me as everyone does, and that's a monster. Not only that, but you'll just get hurt if you stay by my side. This is my last warning, don't come near me again." With that I walk away from him and walk out his house. "Shit" I muttered under my breath as I walked further and further away from that house. ** When I reached my house, it was beginning to get dark, but I couldn't care less. I entered the house and didn't even bother saying 'I'm home' because this is a fucked up family. What's the point? "Ji-Hyung! Where were you!!" I hear my father screaming from the kitchen. I didn't bother answering him and began walking up the stairs. Father came out from the kitchen and ran towards me at lighting speed. Only to grab a fistful of my hair and throw me against a wall. I gritted my teeth and tried to call myself down. I got up the floor, but father kicked me hard against the wall again. A trickle of blood came from my mouth. Father just kept throwing me against the wall multiple times until I had enough. I growled and quickly grabbed him by the neck. I threw him against the wall across the room and he hit it so hard that he went through the wall, but I couldn't care less about the damn wall. I walked towards where my father was and saw him groaning on the floor. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him out of the wall. I threw him again on the same wall that he threw me against, but I didn't put as much force. My father looked at me and he gasped as he realized that my eyes weren't our usual red champagne color, but instead a royal blue color, for those that are elite vampires. "I-Impossible" he says. I stare down at him as he looks at me with fear in his eyes. I smirk knowing that things are different now. I used to be the one who looked at him with fear, now it's the opposite. He knows it himself as well. I turn around and see my siblings looking at me with their usual expressionless faces. I look past them and started walking up the stairs, but just as I pass by them, one of them grab my arm and throws me against the wall. I groan a bit and then look up to glare at them. That's when I noticed... Ana, the littlest one in the family, she has royal blue eyes as well.
OkAY, to those waiting for this story. IM SORRY :-; I know kept saying that I'll post the next chapter soon, buT I NEVER DO. I'm ashamed of myself and I'd like to apologize again. I just got so lazy and (I SWEAR THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE :-;) plus as a senior now, I have a shit ton of assignments and projects to do and I forget to upDaTE :-; I'm sorry. *Sighs* I hope you all forgive if I post the next chapter up soon and no, I won't take ten thousand years to upload it. It'll probably be up by tomorrow because my internet is slow and I just :-;


@MariaMontoya1 @AdeleLynn @tiffany1922 @Gaarita100 @leab259 @MaritessSison Again, I'd like to apologize again :-;
I've missed this story, thank you for updating😊
I'm sorry I took forever to update :-: but I'll definitely be updating more often
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