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Introducing, Harada!

Shounen Ai everywhere guys! Here's a few works from Harada, my current favorite yoai mangeka (Next to the almighty Nakamura <<Junjou)
Yatamomo It looks like something lighthearted and full of fluff right? WRONG. This manga is definitely not for the weak (as with many of Haradas works...)Its about Momo and Yata (duh, the title?) who meet under some pretty werid circumstances, and start dating. Theres alot more to it, so if you're not a weakling, read it!
Color Recipe Ever had a stalker? Well, that fear is spelt out with a side of creep in this manga. I really cant go into details or ill spoil the end, but in short, be careful who you trust.
Hikizuru Oto Guilt never washes away from Yuma's hands, as his friend Shun is caught up in a horrible accident back in their childhood. In retribution, Yuma has refused to let go of his guilt, thinking that it was he to blame for his friends dragging leg (the title!). Once more, no specifics or ill spoil.
Yoru to Asa no Uta Accidentally screwing with a guy was not on Asa's list. Also, finding out the guys in love with you...definitely not on the list. I personally thought this manga had its cute moments, but once again, not for the weak!
Nii-chan ...Theres a freakin pedo.
Kyoshitsu no yugami Ah yes, the classic teacher student relationships...but this is one with a twist. Its pure intense mind fudging - seriously, its short and I hear its ongoing, so hop on the wagon!
Gintama DJ : Invisible Chain NOT FOR THE WEAK. DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE WEAK. Its a simple, twisted, sick story about a man in captivity, and his abuser. ONCE AGAIN, NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART.
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