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Took this pic of a rice plant at a friends house...her father grew it in his garden...among them are rice, green beans, tomatos, squashs, cucumbers, and mustard greens (*_*) * some additional pics from her farm..
@cheerfulcallie We are!!!! It's true. So far, so good. I barely do anything with it and it's still green, so that's a very good sign.
@YinofYang i agree, we are black holes, everything swallows up and die, mmhhh.....hey hey that spider plant you just got, i swear it is very hardy, if you kill it. i wouldnt know what to say??? lolz
Wow, freaking rice plants? That's not just a green thumb, that's a magical green thumb. You and me both, sis. We aren't just black thumbs. I think we're black holes. LOL!!!! Also, love the pic. It's so green and pretty. Love all the animals tooooo!
@nylamrehs're right, there is, still up? okay let me KKT you, pick up your phone.. im just sitting here at work drinking my coffee, so cold in this place...
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