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Got Rice?
Took this pic of a rice plant at a friends house...her father grew it in his garden...among them are rice, green beans, tomatos, squashs, cucumbers, and mustard greens (*_*) * some additional pics from her farm..
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@nylamrehs ...you're right, there is, lolz....you still up? okay let me KKT you, pick up your phone.. im just sitting here at work drinking my coffee, so cold in this place...
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Wow, freaking rice plants? That's not just a green thumb, that's a magical green thumb. You and me both, sis. We aren't just black thumbs. I think we're black holes. LOL!!!! Also, love the pic. It's so green and pretty. Love all the animals tooooo!
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@YinofYang i agree, we are black holes, everything swallows up and die, mmhhh.....hey hey that spider plant you just got, i swear it is very hardy, if you kill it. i wouldnt know what to say??? lolz
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@cheerfulcallie We are!!!! It's true. So far, so good. I barely do anything with it and it's still green, so that's a very good sign.
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