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Z.Hera on Hey Mama MV?????

After watching Hey Mama for the hundredth time, I am curious as hell as to who that girl is now. At first, I thought it was Z.Hera but I don't know... That would be so cute if it was her. Her and Baekhyun would make a cute couple but if they're just friends, that's cool too. She's so pretty and so talented. They'd make beautiful music together. So I took some screen shots of the girl in the video and some of her recent photos on Instagram. Just so we get this straight. Hey Mama was shot after Baekhyun was done with Scarlet Heart. BaekHyun and Z.Hera were done with their scenes nearly three weeks before the show actually ended. So yes, she could have dyed her hair during that time. And depending on how recent her recent photoshoot was, she could have dyed it to a darker shade. Idols are constantly dying their hair for photoshoots, music videos, etc.

But that's just me! Draw your own conclusion, I have presented my exhibits. Let's hear what you think.

Girl from Hey Mama music video
Screen shots from Z.Hera's Instagram (The two most recent photos are posted first)
And just because I can't enough of them... I ship them
@KpopGaby I'm still unsure, I keep looking at the photos. It looks like her but... It could be just the make-up. Z. Hera's nose is contoured in her photoshoots. But still, it would be pretty neat if it is her. I can't find anything online that says who she is.
I don't think it is her but it would be adorable if it was her
It would be
What the heck?! She looks so different! I thought it was someone else! Baek and her must be so close ^_^ the feels~
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