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Genre(s): Romance, Tragedy, Character Death, Time Travel AU, Angst, Dimensions?
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Word Count: I dunno, a couple of numbers long...
Chapters: 5/? ( Not counting the Prologue)
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix something but things don't turn out quite the way she planned...

A/N: Jin's Solo track just came on and I'm about to cry TnT


Neither of us moved. His eyes locked with mine with such a strong gaze that held me down, unable to look away. His eyes darted down to my lips, releasing me from his captive gaze enough for me to trace along his face shape, his eyes, nose, down to his perfect lips.

" Y/N..." Those eyes, those lips...

" Y/N?"

" Jimin..." I breathed. His eyes were wide and full of worry.

" Y/N?" His voice was laced with concern as he stared at me with a panicked expression. I felt myself grow weak and his voice began to grow into nothing but a whisper as my vision began to darken.

" Jimin..."

The scene melted away. First it was dark, but then it flashed back to life. I saw Jimin first. But it was a different Jimin. This one was...holding me. Laughing with me and playing around. What was this?

" I'll never forget this moment." It was just like all of those times I heard this voice in my head. But this time, I saw who the voice belonged to.

" I love you."

It was Jimin.

My Jimin.


I sat up with a gasp. Everything was still fresh in my mind but all I could think about was Jimin.

The machine had worked. I was with Jimin again. My heart dropped at the realization of what I actually just did.

I time traveled. Time traveled. Holy shit, Namjoon! How was he taking this? How many days had it even been? He must be worried sick. I panicked. Everything was slowly and painfully setting in.

I was back with Jimin. But he didn't even have a clue as to who I really was. And Namjoon...I was hopelessly stuck here with no way of contacting him. I definitely couldn't call, it would go through to the Namjoon of this time. Shit, this is so complicated.

Where the hell even am I?

There was a soft knock the door.

" Y/N?" Shit. " Are you okay?" Of all the fucking people.

" J-Jimin?" I couldn't help myself. He was really here. The very though brought tears to my eyes but I fought them back so he wouldn't get worried.

" Hey," He said with a smile. A part of my heart cracked. " I brought you some soup."

" Thanks." I choked out.

" How are you feeling?" He asked softly, refusing to let me hold the soup and dragging the spoon through the liquid himself, bringing it out and gently blowing on it. He really hasn't changed all these years.

" What? It's hot..." He defended like I was going to question him. How could I question him when he's always done this for me? Next, he's going to tell me to say 'ah' and try to feed me but end up spilling it and freaking out.

" Shit, sorry!" Like I said. " I'm so sorry! Here, let me get a towel..."

" It's fine..." I said, quickly wiping my face with my sleeve. Mostly the tears that had begun to spill over, but also the soup that had dribbled down my chin. He looked at me for a while before grabbing the towel anyway.

" You missed a spot." He said before dabbing at my face with the towel. But then he leaned in closer and I felt my heart stop. He stopped and studied my face.

" Have you been crying?" My eyes widened and I quickly looked away.

" N-no!" I said, maybe a little too quickly. " I-I just didn't really rest that well, I guess. Had a bad dream." It wasn't a complete lie...

He brought his arms up like he wanted to hug me but thought better of it and let them drop back to his sides.

" Oh. S-sorry." He stayed silent for a little while longer before picking the spoon back up and blowing on the soup, bringing it up to my lips afterwards. He repeated the process in silence until all of the soup was gone.

And then he was gone. Leaving me alone to rest more. More importantly, leaving me alone with my thoughts. While they were mostly of Jimin, I had to think of a way to contact Namjoon still.

He said he would wait three days before breaking down my door after no contact. I got here yesterday I believe, so he wouldn't have even noticed yet.

But this was Namjoon, he would never really leave me alone for that long. He must be freaking out right now. Now, Namjoon is a smart guy. A really smart guy.

If I were Namjoon, what would I do?

Nobody's POV

" The number you have dialed is unavailable at the time. Please try again later."

" Dammit!" He dialed again.

"The number you have dialed-" Straight to voicemail again.

" Fuck!" Namjoon yelled, throwing his phone across the room, the sound of the screen cracking making him angrier. He plopped down on the couch, his head falling into his hands as he tried to think of a solution as to why the fuck Y/N wasn't here. He had only left her alone for a day and now she was gone.

" Y/N where the fuck are you?!" He screamed at the broken door, looking at the twisted handle laying on the floor beside the remains of the door. Then he looked at the machine, a feeling of dread settling in his stomach.

"Y/N..." He gasped. " You didn't..."

He grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the basement.

" She wouldn't." He said to himself, beginning to look everywhere in Y/N's house, checking in every room and even going out to the yard to look. " Please tell me you didn't do it, Y/N."

He drove out to all of her favorite places. He searched for hours. Even tried going to all of Jimin's favorite places and all of their favorite places as a group. Nothing. He went back to her house and kneeled beside the machine.

The lever had been pulled and it had been smoking slightly still. Namjoon sighed and put his head in his hands again, a sob threatening to fall from his lips. He took one last shaky breath before grabbing his phone. And with one last ounce of hope,

He dialed again.

A/N: You know, my heart actually kind of hurt writing that last part. Originally, it was supposed to stay in Y/N's POV, but Namjoon's part came up in NEVERMIND and I was like omigosh the feels and then that happened. I mean, it was short, but I just kept feeling so bad for him that I just ended it there. Actually, I should have done a Jimin's POV. Hmmm...Poor Namjoon...

Dammit another one of his songs just came on!

I'm going to cry...It's such a sad song... T^T

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