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Become Someone (Part 7)

Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of.
Yoongi's POV: How? What is she? How'd she heal so quickly? Monster? What does she mean? Millions and millions of questions flooding my head that it was causing me a headache. I groaned as I buried my face deeper in my pillow. All of a sudden I hear someone knock on my door. "Come in" I say. I sit upright on my bed as I saw my mom come in. "Yoongi, where did Ji-Hye go?" "...Mom, I don't understand." She furrows her eyebrows before closing the door behind her and walking closer to me. She sat next to me on my bed. "What don't you understand?" She asked. "Ji-Hye, she's not... human" I say it quietly. I look down at the ground when I felt my mom tense next to me. I looked up at her and she had her eyes wide. "W-What made you think that?" "Well, when you and dad left to go talk to Jess. Ji-Hye went to pick up the broken pieces of cups when she accidentally cut her finger. I started freaking out when she showed me how quickly she healed. It was like she never had the cut." My mom stays quiet before sighing. "Stay right here. I'll be back with your father and we'll explain to you... what's going on" she said as she got up from my bed and walked out of my room. But as she left more confusion consumed me. How does my mom know what I'm talking about? After a couple of minutes, mom and dad came back in. They both have a worried expression. My dad sat took the chair from my desk and my mom sat next to me again. It was silent. "Yoongi," my dad began, "there's something we need to tell you, but we don't know how you'll take it." "What do you mean?" I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows. My mom took my hand and looked at me with begging eyes. "We... aren't like those ordinary families" my mom says. "Huh?" My mom takes a deep breath in and then looked at me with serious eyes. "We, Yoongi, are vampires." Silence. Laughter erupts from me and I continue to laugh until I notice that neither my mom or dad are laughing. There's a tense seriousness in their eyes. "T-That's not funny. Vampires? Vampires don't exist. This is the 21st century. How can that be?" "It doesn't matter if this is the 21st century or not. Vampires still exist. Your mom and Ji-Hye are both vampires" my dad explains. "Stop, that's enough," I say. Beginning to panic, "you guys are seriously crazy. Vampires don't exist. T-There's no way that mom and Ji-Hye are vampires--" "Whether you believe it or not, they are. I'm not a vampire. I'm a human, but your mom is an elite vampire and so is Ji-Hye. How do you explain how Ji-Hye healed so quickly when she cut her finger?" "Maybe... magic??" "Yoongi, I know this is hard to take in. Vampires... well, I don't blame you for thinking that way, but vampires do exist. There's one who's standing in front of you and another girl who has different shades of blue hair" my dad says. "U-Unbelievable" I say. I run my fingers through my hair and could only stare at the ground in disbelief. I all of a sudden had an urge to get out of here. I got up from my bed and grabbed my sweater before storming out of my room. My parents called after me but I ignored it. I had to go and confirm this with Ji-Hye. The only problem is that I don't know where she lives, but I'll find her no matter what. Ji-Hye's POV: "Ana?" I say in disbelief. My father laughs as he gets up from the floor. "That's right. Ana is also an elite vampire like yourself, but considering how younger she is, she definitely is much stronger than you" my father says as he walks next to Ana. I gritted my teeth and ran towards my father. I raised a fist when Ana caught it. She throws a punch and I fall back but catch myself and also throw a punch, but she was quick and moved out of the way. Ana raised a leg and with a round house kick she kicked me hard against a wall. It causes me to lose all my breathe and I try and gasp for air, but then Ana grabs my hair and throws me across the living room. I land with a hard 'thud' and groan. All I heard is my fathers laughter. Ana came closer to where I landed and my father looked at me like he won, but he was wrong. With a smirk that formed on my face. I waited in the floor until Ana was within reach. I grab Ana's arm and throw her against the floor. She doesn't make a sound, but the expression of pain on her face explained that, I indeed threw her against the floor too harshly for a child to withstand. Ana recovers quick, but I was already behind her. She turned around quickly when she realized I was behind her, but I grabbed her by the neck and threw her exactly at my father. They both broke through the wall. Ana got up, but started bleeding from the scratches on her face. Since she is still a child. Well, no she's exactly 12, in human age, but she's still considered a child. Since she's still a child, elite or not, it takes her a while to heal as quickly as I can. My dad slowly gets up. He winces a few times before fully standing up although he had to bend down a little considering how old he is. "How?" He asks. "She may be an elite too, but remember, she's still a child. She still has a lot of things to learn" I say as I began walking out the house. "Where do you think you're going?" "That's none of your business." I walk out the door and close it behind me. I sigh in satisfaction when I crack my neck and let my tense shoulders relax. I felt blood drip off my chin and I quickly wipe it away with my sleeve. I must look like a mess. I shrug and leave my house behind as I walked towards the direction where the store was. "Ah, I see you just got done with a fight" someone says behind me. I stop walking and calmly look back to see Leo. He wears a grin and has his hands in his pockets. "What do you want?" I ask coldly. He shudders and hugs himself, but still had that grin on his face. "I love it when you talk cold to me--" "Okay, I'm leaving" I say as I turn away, but he grabs my shoulder. "Wait, did you know that Yoongi is in danger right now?" I furrow my eyebrows as I turn around to look at him. "What do you mean?" "I was watching him from his house when he ran out of his house and kept repeating your name. He started wondering around when a bunch of vampires surrounded him--" before letting his talk more. I grab his collar and glare at him. "Where is he?" "Where we last saw each other. That place is infested with vampires so--" once again I cut him off by running in that direction. It didn't take me long before I got there and exactly what Leo said. Yoongi was cornered and surrounded by vampires. The last thing I saw before letting that anger in me take over, was Yoongi's crying face. Yoongi's POV: As I was walking around just hoping that Ji-Hye was wandering around and I'll bump into her. I was all of a sudden cornered by a bunch of men and even some women. They kept saying something about a snack and I didn't get what they meant until, with my own eyes, saw their eyes turn into a red champagne color. I stopped breathing and shook my head. "Impossible. Vampires don't exist" I say, but these people just laugh at what I say. One of them walks closer to me. Paralyzed with fear, I couldn't move. The man tilts my head and I felt his breath on my neck. "N-No... Ji-Hye... please, save me" I say while tears stream down my cheeks. "No ones going to save you" was all that man said as I felt his sharp pointed fangs slowly sinking in my neck. I closed my eyes. I waited for the pain of his fangs pierce my skin, but nothing, all I heard was someone grunt and others gasp. The grip the man had on me was gone and I slowly opened my eyes. "J-Ji-Hye." She was standing in front of me, but instead of her usual eye color. They were a beautiful glowing royal blue color. It was like the ocean was trapped in her eyes and I could get washed away in them. "Beautiful..." I whispered. She smiled when someone called out to her. "A elite? What is an elite doing here?" A women's voice says. Ji-Hye's smile vanished as she turned around to look at the rest of vampires. I look down to my left and see the man who was close to biting me, grunting and crying out in pain. "What I'm doing here is none of your business, but that's not important right now. What is important is that you're picking on my lover." Hearing Ji-Hye say "lover" made my heart jump and I got very excited. "Lover!? With a human? Impossible!" Said one man. Ji-Hye chuckled. "He may be human, but he's half vampire as well" she says. I tensed at her words. Half... vampire?? "Wait, half vampire?" A women says in disbelief. Ji-Hye nodded. "You guys should've known that he's the son of Gyeong." Immediately after saying that. The vampires looked even paler, which I thought was impossible since they're already pale, but apparently it's possible. "G-Gyeong? You mean, our main ruler?" Ji-Hye nodded. "So it's obvious that he would be half human and half vampire. Gyeong is a vampire and her husband is a human for fucks sake. You're really picking on the wrong person. If I report this to them then you'll be killed without a second thought and if I wanted to, I can also kill you here" she said, but nearly at the end, her voice into an icy and intimidating voice that sent chills down my spine. The other vampires cleared their throat as they kept looking every else, but at her. "Let's just go" said one of the men and they started to run away at a speed that was inhuman. I heard Ji-Hye sigh and then began to walk away. I didn't hesitate to grab her arm and made her turn to look at me. "What is it?" She asked with emotionless eyes. "We need to talk." She shook her head and yanked her arm back. "Please" I say with begging eyes. She looked at me as if she was in thought before sighing in defeat and agrees. "I'll walk you to your house. Also, don't go out in the middle of the night. It's infested with people like them." "People as them... you mean, vampires?" She looks away and nods a little bit. She started walking and I watched for a little bit how her hair looks beautiful under the moonlight. I snap out of my thoughts when I realized Ji-Hye was already far from me. I hurry and catch up to her. It was silent and I didn't know how to bring up the vampire subject. We were almost to my house already, but luckily there was a park near by and I asked Ji-Hye if we could talk there. She agreed. We sat down on a bench and I breath in the night air. It was surprisingly warm today. Usually it's freezing cold this late at night, but today, it was warm. "So, I'm guessing from your eyes from a while ago, you're a vampire?" I ask, even though I knew. She nodded. "Yeah, I'm a vampire" she said in a sad tone. I look away from the stars to Ji-Hye. She was looking up at the sky with a sad smile on her face. "Why do you look so sad?" She looks at me, but her smile doesn't change. "Because, since I'm a vampire. I'm basically a monster, right?" "What makes you think that?" "Well, it's what everyone think vampires are. Yes, we know that there are some that hurt or even kill humans, but there are some who despise their own kind and don't want to hurt anyone. But in human eyes, we're all the same" she says. She doesn't look away from me. Maybe, wanting to see my reaction. "Beside," she continues, "you even think I'm a monster." "That's not true" I try to say, but she just laughs. "Not true?? The way you looked at me when you asked if I was a vampire and I didn't answer you. And again, The way you looked at me when I cut my palm but recovered quickly. How can you say that 'it's not true' when--" Before she can continue. I gently grab her chin and I make her look up at me. I could see her eyes well up with tears, but it obvious that she's holding them back. I continue to look into her eyes. Neither of us saying anything. Just looking into each other's eyes and ignoring the rest of the world. My eyes memorized every detail of her face and how breathtaking she was. The moonlight shining on her beautiful pale skin. Making her look like she was glowing. I looked down at her lips and noticed how plump they looked. I look up at her eyes again and I noticed that I was inching closer to her. I felt her breath on my lips. My heart was racing each time I got closer to her. It burst when my lips finally meet hers. The one thing in my mind that I kept saying over and over again. Was that she was the one and how stupid I was not to realize these feelings I had for her. She was the one. I don't want anybody else, but her. Vampire or not, Ji-Hye was the girl I've always been looking for.
Okay, so here's chapter 7 and I hope you guys liked it :) I still want to apologize for not updating soon. Um, I don't have much to say so I'll end it here. Have a good day/night.


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