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Homemade Pita Bread
There's no place to buy pita bread in Korea so I decided to make my own. They were awesome fresh out of the oven. 1) Yeast: 1 & 1/2 tablespoon 2) Agave/Honey/Sugar (any one of these): 1 tablespoon 3) Warm water: 1 cup 4) Warm milk: 3/4 cup = Mix together and let the yeast activate for 15min. 5) Add olive oil: 1 tablespoon 6) Add salt: 1 teaspoon 7) Add 1 cup of white flour slowly and mix. 8) Add 1 cup of whole wheat flour and mix. = If not doughy enough, add little more flour as you knead the dough. Knead the dough with hands on table for at least 10mins. 8) Some olive oil in hand and rub around the dough and gently knead. 9) olive oil in a large bowl around the sides. = Place dough in the large bowl, cover and let it sit for around 2 hours. 10) Make tennis ball size, flatten with a rolling pin 11) Bake in oven for 8min at 200 Celsius. **No oven, you can fry them on a med-high pan. Eat em with tatziki sauce and stuff em with whatever!
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Looks delicious~ Thanks for the recipe. I'll definitely try this out^^.
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wow these look so good
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wow, looks good, i want some too (*_*)
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