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Lets go over it. Star Cast " the way to King Roc " ... Lee character changing history In 2009 . Became home theater newcomer . KBS-2TV ' Boys Over Flowers' the best 'hot' star, okay . Nine successors conglomerates captivated the hearts of all women with Jun Pyo . Thick curly hair and a distinct visage was impressive. And, in 2013 . Conglomerates to return again and again to the south . Gimeunsuk artist's new SBS-TV ' crown who want to write , to withstand the weight of La- heirs ' (hereinafter ' heirs ') turned out to be the hero . Drama ' Empire Group, took over the station I do gimtan heirs . King Roc 're ahead of the birth . Back again in five years time remains to smoke conglomerate , is the story of Lee . Lee King will challenge the local people . One , looks passes. To 187cm 71kg is equipped with a perfect physical condition . Chemie of actress and is reliable. 10 years older than lightly to cover , Wuhan Kemi is the owner . Then, what about the acting ? You look at previous work I can get the expected answer . He is known to the public only around five years , but for 10 years has been postponed . Step by step , starting with bit part came by complete filmography . Each piece of work to absorb the charm of the character , it has grown features. Look into changing history of this character , Lee Min Ho 's " I did back then is' . ◆ KBS-2TV ' Boys Over Flowers' ( 2009 ) 'Boys Over Flowers' Jun Pyo nine who made a now Lee Min Ho 's character. Tsukasa has 200% original replay . Handsome looks like sorappang topped with a unique hair style, luxurious costumes, Joe left a strong impression . It was a bad man . Acting as a roughneck character was arrogant tone . Intense expression of inattentive eyes caught the weight Jun Pyo old charm is a scene at a glance . Two times, he did not want to stand in front of geumjandi . And with the rapid-fire dialogue and quirky expressions indicate poured . "Where do you want that? Do not like where I kind good-looking , tall , lot of money , how can two not want Jun Pyo is ?" ◆ MBC-TV ' Personal Taste ( 2010 ) A year later , roughneck disappeared without a trace remaining conglomerates . 'Personal preference' in the late 20s, emerged as the architect did. Until stiff and honesty symptom , but that forgiveness is good eh jeonjinho station. Per person ( Son Ye-jin min) live ' re- appeal " to enter , pretending that gay setting. King Roc likely to show the next generation Lee -style melodrama does such a feeling ? 15 times a night to get confused in mind toward the individual scene. With a look of sad crying woman's feelings on the explosion did look . This said, in a voice trembling slightly . "I 'm not going to love the night person , I do not love the night person , I have never loved a night person ." ◆ SBS-TV ' City Hunter ' ( 2011 ) Teoteurigi kept hidden wild taste to begin with . ' City Hunter ' commando in various martial arts since childhood learned man, was responsible for profitability station . Resolve the corruption of the world , and by the state after having been killed in revenge for his father 's character . Art is a point close to the action spectators . Perfect for action shots are all Filipino martial arts practice in Nice, large ◆ SBS-TV ' God ' ( 2012 ) Minutes on the man also was 'God ' General Choi from stalling. Kongmin ( ryudeokhwan minutes ), noguk Princess ( bakseyoung minutes ), and women who love yueunsu ( Kim Hee minutes ) is committed to defending . Superior martial arts skills, extraordinaire looks, is equipped with three beats to the nature jinjunghan 's . Men have a mature game . As I look deeper understated charisma Cr to this #Link #Xtine