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A good cocktail is key. Something dark and simple. Too many cocktails take ingredients that you’ll never use again. A few drinks I’ve been enjoying lately: The New Old Fashion. My new favorite bourbon taste amazing in an old fashion, especially done this way. I like to add an orange peel to bring out the citrus notes. The Dark & Stormy. It taste good especially during a summer rain. Dark rum and ginger beer. Simple and classic. I prefer a little lemon juice, not lime. Blood and Sand. This is a great blended scotch cocktail. It was named after a silent movie in the 20’s about a peasant-turned-bull fighter. Doesn’t get ballsier than that. You’ll probably have to buy Cherry Heering but I promise its worth it. Bourbon Neat. Maybe you’re just not up for making a cocktail. After a long day, all you really need is a bourbon and some time to reflect. I like Four Roses Small Batch. Add a single ice cube to take off some of the burn and notice the sweet oak and carmel. Its like dessert.
@heisenberg i'd def pur you one my friend ... :D
i'm a big fan of the top two