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From the site: "Dan has been doing underwater photography, both of wildlife in the ocean, and portraits of people, as a hobby for the last few years. We recently put out a little zine collecting a small amount of his portraits of people in and under water. While we make our living as painters/ illustrators, we are obsessed with water, the ocean, marine life and spend quite a bit of our free time travel to exotic scuba diving locales when we can. When we are homebound working on projects however, I try to get into pools at least and practice shooting with friends, and sometimes for take on underwater portrait jobs if i have the time. It keeps my camera skills sharp so that when we are back in the water with whales and sharks (who don't really sit still for photographers all the time), I will have a better chance of getting the shot! We just made a 32 page, full color zine collecting a selection of underwater and ocean based photography of people in water. We are happiest in water. We wish we could live in the sea. When we are landlocked while working on art, we escape to the pool and bring our friends and dream of being mermaids together. Cameos by Woody Harrelson and Iggy Azalea (hah! but yes, seriously!)."
@Tapsamai I would love to try it as well. Underwater photography is really very neat.
I always love those photos like this underwater. if I have enough money, I would do the same project like this.