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Here's the first still images of actress Park Shin-Hye in upcoming SBS drama series THE HEIRS also starring Lee Min-Ho. The still images are from Park Shin-Hye's first day of filming for the drama series, which took place August 16, 2013 at a wedding hall in Gangnam, Seoul. For that scene Park Shin-Hye's character is sweating, while washing dishes. Her character Cha Eun-Sang comes from a poor background, but has love ties with wealthy, high school student heirs including Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho), Yoon Chan-Young (Kang Min-Hyuk) & Choi Young-Do (Kim Woo-Bin). THE HEIRS first airs October 9, 2013 in South Korea. http://asianwiki.com/The_Heirs_-_Korean_Drama
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Can't wait Park Shin Hye ♥,Lee Min Ho ♥,Kang Min-Hyuk ♥,Kim Woo-Bin ♥