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Singer/actress Uee from Kpop group "After School" is cast in upcoming MBC drama series GOLDEN RAINBOW. Uee will portray one of the four main characters in the drama series. Already cast in supporting roles is Kim Sang-Joong and teen actress Kim You-Jung, who will portray Uee's character as a teen. In the drama series, Uee will play Baek Won. Her character is the granddaughter of a large company, but she was adopted by Han-Jo (Kim Sang-Joong). Baek Won leads her 6 other siblings who are not blood-related. Meanwhile, actor Jung Il-Woo is "highly considering" the lead male role in the drama series. GOLDEN RAINBOW will first air this November in South Korea. http://asianwiki.com/Golden_Rainbow
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looking forward to it... when would ut air?